Live - Space With Experimental Ambiant

Live - Space With Experimental Ambiant


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SPACE is a journey seen from the eyes of the modern indian women. Musicians from various parts of the world keep boarding and sharing their human experiences through musical conversations and keep addiing to the voyage in SPACE.

Using unassuming objects like a Tibetan prayer bowl, a ghungroo (used by Indian kathak dancers on their feet) and many other street percussive objects, these young women musicians created a two voice harmonic sound.

Instruments like nagaras, flutes, African percussions, guitar and computer generated electronic sounds then were brilliantly featured and a constant flow of new sounds and fresh stories in the form of songs filled up the feeling of SPACE.

Space plays a subtle mix of ambient and electro-fusion folk and pop, in 7 languages. They sing several songs in english, hindi, bengali, sanskrit, tamil, punjabi and an imaginary tribal language.

In the winter of 2008, one evening Tritha Sinha, a classically trained singer along with her friend, Ritika Singh, a theatre actress and musician decided to make music very 'simply in their living room in Kolkata.

Presently, a French musician and multi-percussionist, Paul Schneiter has joined these eclectic and creative Indian women musicians and now seems to be the metronome of the band.

SPACE has performed in many numerous clubs and musical venues in Kolkata and Delhi. They also performed in Summer 2010 in PARIS at venues promoting new and experimental world music bands.

SPACE had been telecasted on National Television Doordarshan for performance at the Delhi International Arts Festival in 2010 and on ZOOM TV for their performance at the WILLS INDIA FASHION WEEK 2011.

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