Live Screening of RR vs DD at La Casa Brewery - IPL 2018: BEER vs BEER

Live Screening of RR vs DD at La Casa Brewery - IPL 2018: BEER vs BEER


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About The Event


On April 8th, Sunday head out to La Casa Brewery to watch Kings XI take Delhi Daredevils - enjoy live streaming of IPL Matches with amazing Craft Beers.



We also bring ‘Beer Vs Beer’ challenge wherein you win amazing offers and cool merchandising. 

  • Beer vs Beer is a competition at La Casa where in a beer is assigned to each team playing that day 
  • Come on and support your favorite IPL team and gulp the craft beer associated with your team at the live screening at La Casa - we will capture the live scores of beer during the match
  • We will keep a track of the number of glasses consumed by folks coming, and at end of match the beer with maximum score will get a 20% off on the beer bill.
  • If your favorite IPL team happens to win the match and if the beer associated with the team also wins, then you will get 40% off on the beer bill.
  • Table of Match will be awarded to the table that will make a record of drinking the most beer and can avail extra 10% off on beer bill.
  • If you have La Casa Beer Card then you get 15% off on the scrumptious food at La Casa, if your team wins the match. 
  • Participate and Play like your favorite player on the fun games that will be conducted during the match and stand a chance to win some cool merchandise.


 Note: The above offers cannot be clubbed with any other offers.



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