Live - Red Band At TlR Cafe

Live - Red Band At TlR Cafe


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Live - Red Band (Rock N Roll Baby!) at TlR Cafe.

After a long break from the popular Mawkin Revival, Nikhil Mawkin is returning to revive the retro with electrifying singing and galvanizing performance. Nikhil will be playing various genres and literally playing with them. Nikhil Mawkin is a well-known name in the music circuit in Delhi as well as in Boston. He has made his mark in the music circuit with bands like Mawkin Revival and Cuenta Cuentos. Mawkin has a flair for bringing together different genres of music and blending them to create a sound that is unique. He now divides his time playing drums in both Boston and Delhi. His current projects are on their way with namely the Bollywood jazz project and RED. RED brings Nikhil Mawkin back in the shoes of a singer and belts out cover tunes in his own voice and shape. Giving it an uncommon sound. Singing popular songs which are performed away from the usual approach. Nikhil's voice sounding quite different from the original artists, gives the newness to the songs all over again. Using the old, but keeping it fresh.

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