Book Online Tickets for Live Project Training on Android, Noida. We welcome all the students and professionals interested in learning Android. Please come and attend a free demo class. Have a look on our class schedule and find the best suited class that you would like to attend.
Free Demo Class: February 25, 2017

Live Project Training on Android


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About The Event

We welcome all the students and professionals interested in learning Android. Please come and attend a free demo class. Have a look on our class schedule and find the best suited class that you would like to attend.

Free Demo Class: February 25, 2017 | 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Program duration - 90 Hours

Batch starting from - March 8, 2017

The theory and practical classes will be taken on alternate days, five days a week. That means - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be reserved for theory classes while Tuesday and Thursday are for practical classes. 

Introduction to Android

  • Introduction to Mobile computing
  • History of development of android
  • What is Android?
  • How it becomes successful as a mobile platform
  • What is Open Handset Alliance
  • Benefits of choosing android
  • All layers of android with architectural information
  • Android features and collaborations
  • Android market in world
  • Android other technological collaborations
  • Android Future aspects with IOT
  • How Google is taking the technology with mobility


Coding features

  • Important aspects while coding with android
  • How to Deplete memory usage of features
  • Different Structures of android
  • Process and Security in android
  • Remove Thread deadlocking and concept of worker Threads
  • Synchronisation with different working threads
  • Working with Message Queue
  • Working with Looper
  • Working with Handler
  • Sending Thread Message and Thread post
  • Making code lean and fast to respons


Installation and knowledge of working environment

  • Downloading the software with the IDE
  • Configuring the Android SDK with the Android Studio IDE
  • Understanding the features of Android Studio
  • Working with gradle and understanding its concepts
  • Working with AVD and other virtual Device platform


Start Building apps

  • How to select application levels for different level of users
  • Steps to create an android project with things to choose
  • Running process of basic app


Basic principles of an Android Application

  • What is Activity ?
  • Activity Lifecycle as async code
  • Working with Different type of activities
  • What are Services ?
  • Working cases of Binded and Unbinded Services
  • What is Broadcast Receiver
  • Working with manifest file
  • Coding parameters of Sync and Async event


Android Views, Layout and Design Aspects

  • What are Views?
  • Working with Predefined views
  • Creating custom views
  • What are Layouts?
  • Working with Predefined Layouts
  • Creating Custom Layouts
  • Drawing Views
  • Material Design aspect


Android Animations

  • Using predefined animations
  • Build custom Animation
  • Animation with widgets
  • Animation performance sustenance and check


Material Design aspects

  • Android Design Fundamentals.
  • Surfaces Structure and Hierarchy.
  • Bold Graphic Design
  • Meaningful Motion
  • Adaptive Desig


MAPS, GEO Coding and Location Based Services

  • Building MAPS with GOOGLE MAP V2 and V3.
  • Analysing Location at MAPS.
  • Using Overlays on GOOGLE MAP
    • Tile Overlay
    • Geo – Spatial Overlays
  • Use features like Polyline, Polygon, Circle etc.
  • Get knowledge of Geofencing.
  • Using Geocoder.
  • Working with fused api's
  • Difference between Direct Fused api's and Hardware Geocoding access
  • Using GOOGLE fused API’s for getting better location


Databases Work with Android

  • What is the Difference between persistent and Non persistent Databases
  • Types of Storage in Android
  • Internal and External Files Storage
  • Shared Preference with all its features and operatios


Types of Databases

  • Sqlite Database with all its features and operations


Understanding Inner Concepts of the Drivers

  • Abstraction Layers over the Drivers
  • Linux Drivers Kit
  • Wrapping layers concepts
  • Using Linux Kernel model
  • Working with AOSP files


Networking and Web Services

  • Using the Google Network API’s working
  • Communication with servers over Web Services over MYSQL
  • CRUD Operations with Web Services


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  • Using Bluetooth connection classes.
  • Performing operations like discoverable, connecting.
  • Using Wi-Fi connection classes.
  • Performing operations like sending, connecting, discovering


Sensors with Android

  • What are Sensors?
  • Different Types of Sensors
  • Hardware Sensor condition
  • Software Sensor condition
  • What is Sensor Manager?
  • Working with Context Sensors
  • dAccelerometer Sensor
  • Gyroscope Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Motion Detection Sensor
  • Biometric Sensors


Project Creation

  • Can Build Utility apps with custom build graphics like 1Weather,  Tasker, Scribble etc
  • Can bring their ideas and take advice how to build up apps with new ideas and grow them in market


About Trainer


Divy Dhiman

Divy Dhiman is an Android expert and Java developer. He is currently working on a research project on Eye cRecognition patterns, in collaboration with Google. With over 5 years of extensive development experience after an engineering degree, Divy’s rich skill-set includes UI/UX designing, Android Application development, Java Development, IoT applications development, Google AdSense, AdMob, RevMob etc. He has been contributing to developers’ community from a very long time, now and is a recognized name of the industry.


For bulk or corporate booking please contact us: [email protected] or +919650126201.

Note: In case of any ticket cancellation, no refund will be granted.

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