Light of awareness is a two day creative spiritual workshop aimed at opening the inner world of beauty, wisdom and wonder.

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About The Event

Light of Awareness is a two day experiential life workshop conducted by Avinash Ramakrishna - Author, NLP Master, Spiritual Teacher and Founder of The Ahamo Movement

Some of the things to look forward to in the event : 

a) Understand the true meaning and essence of living

b) Get Answers to the most important questions of life

C) Explore creative ways of handling mental and physical stress

d) Transcend limitations of fear, boredom and insecurity

e) Explore the inner world of love, beauty and wisdom

f) Connect, share and network with like minded people


"There is a path that leads us to happiness, certainty and fulfillment. This is the path sought out by those who have a deep desire to understand themselves and the world around. How often have you asked these questions to yourself ‘what is my life all about, ‘is there some meaning and purpose to it’, ‘is there a way to discover my true self’ ‘why am I not happy in spite of everything I have’. I am sure all of us have these unanswered questions within us, but how many of us really take the necessary time to explore and understand this. It is very easy to get lost in the flow of life and forget our true meaning and purpose.


There has to be something more to life than just going to work every morning, paying our electricity bills, calculating the expenses, planning for the future and worrying about it all the time. There has to be something more to life than all this. The only way to discover it is to take a break. It is perfectly alright to take a break from our daily routine of activities and expectations to spend some time understanding and exploring our true meaning and purpose of life.


Light of Awareness is one such program that has been designed to assist you in this. It is an event to get your most important questions of life answered; it is an event to begin your marvelous journey into the inner world of your creative self. You can choose to ignore your life’s calling, but you cannot escape it. Sooner or later you have to get in touch with your ultimate purpose. There will come a time when nothing else will matter to you other than solving the mystery called you. And that time will never come unless you decide to come to it.


Join us on this two day exploration of the self. Begin your search and connect with those who have a similar calling. Light of Awareness is not just a two day event; it is an invite for you to join us on a life long journey to the destination called you. Become a part of our elite group of individuals who are on a mission to explore, discover, and live the life they have always wanted."

 - Avinash


About Avinash


Avinash Ramakrishna is an Author, Speaker, NLP Master, Spiritual Teacher and founder of ‘The Ahamo Movement’.


Avinash began his career with the corporate sector. After spending several successful years there, he decided to pursue his passion for 'Life' teaching, which eventually led him to the Richard Bandler's Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). After completing his NLP Masters, he began conducting training programs for individuals by applying his NLP skills.


Deeper layers of psychological enquiry led him to read books of awakened teachers; which he says, opened up the doorway to the vast inner world of meditation and spirituality. He then made a firm decision to leave the clutter of worldly activities aside for a while to spend the next few years in search of the true inner wisdom.


His inner journey comprises of more than 3 years of intense struggle through psychological enquiry,  spiritual longing, meditation and books. The unfathomable depth and intelligence he brings to his programs are a result of his years of searching and refining the human phenomenon within himself.


Avinash's teachings address the struggles and challenges of modern lifestyles. His powerful delivery methods combine insights from Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion & Science to put individuals on a magical path of self discovery, creativity and Learning. ‘Ahamo – Celebration of the Self’ is his first book, containing marvelous insights into the nature of man and his age old quest for inner freedom.

Avinash founded ‘The Ahamo Movement’ to help individuals re-discover their true inner selves through the path of love, creativity and meditation. He conducts regular events and workshops across the country, guiding individuals on a magical path towards freedom, happiness and inner perfection.


For registration to 'Light of Awareness' contact:

Geetha Thomodaran

+91 9620210776



Venue - Hotel IRIS, Brigade Road, Bangalore


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