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Below is an excerpt from a talk by  Sri Avinash Ramakrishna:
“Throughout the ages, man’s predicament has always been the same, he searches for the right thing in wrong places and when

Light of Awareness - Free Meditation Sessions


  • Light of Awareness - Free Meditation Sessions

    Free Meditation sessions with an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher, Morning 6 to 8 AM and Evening 6 to 8... PM

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About The Event

Why should you attend this Meditation Program?

Below is an excerpt from a talk by  Sri Avinash Ramakrishna:

“Throughout the ages, man’s predicament has always been the same, he searches for the right thing in wrong places and when he finally finds the right place he continues to search for wrong things.

Meditation is too greater a phenomenon to be used  just for attaining a little peace of mind and physical well being. One of the fundamental driving force of an individual is his desire to become something more than what he already is. This search is not man made, it is a search of existence longing for itself. Till one finds meditation, the search is always on the outside hence never satisfying.

Meditation is transcendence; it is a space where all unnecessary searches drop. It is a realm of pure bliss and happiness. If you have a burning desire to know who you are, if you want a way out of life’s misery, if you are willing to explore the vast depths of your inner being, if you have the courage to search for the unsearchable, if you want to laugh, sing and play a little more, then meditation is the way”

About Sri Avinash:


Once in a while there come individuals whose entire life is driven by the search for the unknown. Avinash started his journey into meditation at an early age. After spending three years in silent contemplation and meditation, he had the experience that transformed his life forever. Very little can be said about a person who spends all his time in meditation and more than enough can be learnt from his experiences.

He is a voracious reader and believes that books are an invaluable source of inspiration to begin and pursue the spiritual path. He has now dedicated his life to help individuals experience the magic of meditation. He shares his experiences through talks, meditation sessions and personal initiations under Ahamo Life Foundation.

Ahamo Life Foundation strives to help individuals realize their true inner self. Ahamo is a one of its kind spiritual organization that represents the individual and his freedom.


Program Highlights:

Introductory Talk:

The introductory talk is aimed at helping you to understand the overall objective of the program. This talk will open up your senses to transport you to a newer dimension of learning and experience. In his unique, characteristic way, Sri Avinash will set the tone and pace for the sessions.


Insight into Meditation:

Sri Avinash often says that a right understanding of meditation is half the journey travelled; the rest of the journey is just a patient waiting. In this session, he will help you to get rid of all the misconceptions of meditation which will leave you utterly simple and empty to begin the search for your true self.


Guided Meditations: 

Throughout the program, all the meditation sessions will be guided by Sri Avinash himself. He believes that each individual’s search is unique; hence he personally guides you to choose a meditation technique that resonates with your inner being. Having gone through the journey himself, he understands your difficulty and accordingly guides you on the right path.


Question & Answer Sessions:

All of us have questions for which we are searching for answers. In fact, it is said that our mind is nothing but a collection of questions. The question and answer sessions will help you to clarify inner doubts on various areas of your life. Your questions can be on life, education, religion, philosophy, enlightenment, success, wealth, relationships, mind, body, love etc.

Apart from being a meditator, Sri Avinash is a voracious reader. He would be able to answer your questions by bringing in insights from both the inner world of meditation and the outer world of knowledge.


Some of the benefits of being a part of this event:

1)Learning the ancient science of Meditation for a deeper experience of life
2)Exploring the inner secret dimensions of existence
3)Understanding the root cause of physical and mental uneasiness
4)Beginning the journey towards Spiritual Awakening
5)Understanding the true meaning of religiousness
6)Learning the art of blissful living 


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