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Life in TopGear By Entrefluencer Manish Gupta


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About The Event

 "No vehicle moves in neutral gear”


When a vehicle is running in the lower gear it consumes more fuel and moves slowly but when it is in top gear it consumes less fuel and runs at a faster speed. Same is the case with us, that when life is in top gear we are able to do more, achieve more, progress more and grow more.

It is said that what you GET in life will never make you happy in the long run but what you BECOME definitely will.

Be a part of Life In Top Gear by Entrefluencer Manish Gupta to help you become more of everything that you already are.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Minimum age requirement is 16 years.

2. Only one ticket per person will be issued.

3. Please fill in all information in the form.

4. Your ticket will be sent to you via SMS/Email. Entry to the auditorium will only be permitted on the basis of that SMS/Email only.

5. You are requested to reach the venue and be seated by 6.45 pm

6. The talk will start at sharp 7.00 pm and the gates will be closed for entry.

7. Cellphones to be switched off or on silent mode.

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