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DO YOU REALIZE ? Wildlife is a decreasing asset in today’s life and culture. It is therefore our duty toeducate ourselves as to how important wildlife is and how we need to protect the few that we are left with!So, let’s unit

Life for Wildlife


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About The Event


DO YOU REALIZE ? Wildlife is a decreasing asset in today’s life and culture. It is therefore our duty to
educate ourselves as to how important wildlife is and how we need to protect the few that we are left with!
So, let’s unite for a cause!

We have designed a unique and interactive workshop experience for you, which encircle the idea of introducing,educating and making you aware about wildlife, how they are in danger and how you can be a help! Our aim is not justto conduct a workshop but to teach and educate how to protect & love animals.
An experience with rescued bears, from a safe distance and with experienced handlers of course, will be conducted,in a “never-before-tried” kids’ interactive workshop. A team will show and teach how to protect snakes and not to kill,but to love them with many more activities which includes a bear safari, etc.

Activities are aplenty and will include experience sharing, interaction, special video films, wildlife safari atBannerghatta national park, trekking, photo session. Integral to the programme will be hands-on learning on natureconservation, photography, wildlife tracking, outdoor survival skills and, not to forget, a whole lot of fun!
In specific, you will enjoy –
• A fascinating experience in one of India's best national park
• A great two day experience with pets and wildlife
• A treasure of learning about wildlife
• Tips for handling pets at home
• Real time experience of rescuing will be shared
• A chance to feed rescued Sloth Bears
• A once in a lifetime chance to see Bears play with toys you make
• An informative weekend on how to be a responsible citizen and tourist
• A riveting expedition that is sure to have them asking for more
• A designed T-shirt
• A memorable individual poster which kids can relish
• A CD with workshop photos and video’s of their two days experience
• How you can save a wildlife, when you see them in danger
• Information of legal channels available in India to contact for rescue operation

Activities planned:

 Day 1

• Intro
• Session by Shuayb / Nadhi
• Lunch
• Video on wildlife
• Interactive session
• Session for handling various domestics
• Distribution of T-Shirts
• Day end with Info for next Day

Day 2
• Trip to Bannerghatta National Park
• Interaction with animals under supervision of experienced volunteers
*You will be served with Home cooked Vegetarian food, all hygienic norms will be kept in consideration.

• Timings: 2 days workshop (10am to 5pm)
• Date: Starting from first week of May, 2013 and will follow up on every week.
• Cost: INR 5,500/- Per Child (Including Lunch, mineral Water and refreshments also)
• Venue: SEED Adda Café, Bangalore
• Mentor: Seed & SOS team
• Age group: 5 - 15 years OR 15 and above

Terms and conditions:
• Booking needs to be made and confirmed at least 7 days in advance.
• Limited seats available hence only 10 people will be taken for two days workshop
• We need minimum 10 entries to conduct any of our Workshops. If we don't, we reserve the right to Re-schedule the workshop to your next convenient Workshop date.
• Re-scheduled policy is as follows;
o It can be rescheduled to next workshop weekend


Dedicated SEED TEAM who is running a pet friendly café with name SEED ADDA CAFE, unique and differentconcept of serving fresh and hygienic food while inscribing value of loving pets, here you can bring your pets along oryou can just have fun with our pets, at the café!
WILDLIFE TEAM–A couple of dedicated and enthusiastic people, Shuayb and Nadhi have always made sure that they are surrounded by pets and animals. Opening their home and hearts to animals, they currently have twodogs and three cats, with many more visiting, from time to time! On weekends, they volunteer, trek, organize clean-up camps, and anything for the betterment of the environment and animals! With years of trekking and outdoorexperiences in their back-packs, this duo is the way to go for the outdoor experience!

Shuayb Ahmed- A naturalist at heart, who has always followed his passion, he knew his calling wasanimals from the tender young age of 10. As a boy, he would watch birds, track snakes and even defendhelpless oxen and buffaloes, if he saw them being mistreated on the roads. Currently, he works for PrimeFocus, but has enrolled himself as a Volunteer Rescuer in organizations such as Wildlife SOS and PFA(People For Animals), with snake rescues being his forte! On weekends, he likes to trek, educate peopleabout these delicate limbless. “Creatures of God” and, generally, be one with Nature!

NadhiLakmali- Born and brought up in Kuwait, there wasn’t much she could do to pursue her callingfor animals. But she worked with what little that came her way. Rescuing stray cats and kittens andbottle-feeding them and nursing them back to health, used to be her summer holidays project, everyyear!! Currently, she works as a Physiotherapist in Bangalore, apart from being an active participant and volunteer in organizations such as Wildlife SOS and PFA, for which she has conducted numerousawareness programs for kids regarding the wilderness and various animals in an interactive andeducational atmosphere!

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