LetsTalk : Effective Workplace communication

LetsTalk : Effective Workplace communication


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About The Event

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About The Trainers:

Tejas is a software engineer by education with exposure to Automotive and Pharmaceutical domains. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Services marketing and management from the prestigious S P Jain School of Global Management. He has served in the roles of a Software Engineer, Marketing Manager and now an entrepreneur with KairosEducates. In a career spanning over 8 years in the industry, Tejas has worked with start ups  mid-scale and large Fortune 500 corporations as well. In this career span, Tejas has also traveled through various countries to gain valuable professional exposure.

Shweta is an engineer by education with a robust exposure to Engineering and Travel domains. She has served in the roles of a Business Analyst and an Account Manager during her career. In a career spanning over 8 years, Shweta has traveled across North America to build up professional expertise, taught Business English for corporate and individuals and has worked with start ups and mid-scale companies to gain valuable exposure. Teaching is a trade that comes naturally to Shweta owing to strong linguistic abilities (Marathi, English and Hindi), a pleasant personality and immediate acceptability by her students.

Contents of the Business Communication Workshop

Day – 1

Module-1: Effective Written Communication Techniques

This module will cover best practices followed in writing for a strategic impact.

Topic List:

1.  E-mails: Different methods and strategies for writing effective e-mails, across hierarchies.

2.  Intranet Messaging and Chats: Intranet messaging and chats exchanged inside a company are never casual. Effective strategies for communicating over this medium will be covered

3.  Reports and Memo: In some industries, writing reports and memo’s is a day-to-day activity. We will cover some important strategies employed to communicate effectively through this medium.

Assignment 1 : Short group / individual work will be assigned to employ the skills acquired during the course of this module. Immediate assessment and feedback will be given. Handouts that can help participants write effectively will also be given during this module.

Module-2: Effective Oral Communication (Meetings, Teleconferences and Group Discussions) 

During a typical workday, we attend a number of meetings and telephone conferences. This module will cover effective techniques to communicate effectively during meetings.

Topic List:

1.  Meetings and Teleconferences – How to communicate effectively during meetings, teleconferences and group discussions

Assignment 2: Role plays will be conducted in the classroom to understand how communication typically works in a group. Best practices will be facilitated to the participants during this assignment.

Module-3: Effective Oral Communication (Impromptu Speech, Presentation Skills with a PowerPoint)

The third module will commence on day 2 of the business communication workshop. Every activity done during this module will be a short theory session followed by intensive assignments in speaking. Every move of the participant will be assessed during the process. Presentations and public speaking activities will form an essential part of this day.

Module-4: Inter-cultural Sensitivity and Body Language

The final module of this 2-day workshop will focus on the finer aspects of effective workplace communication which include non-verbal cues, body language and communicating with people across different countries.


Note: After the 2 day session conducted in the classroom, the participants will receive all the support and guidance to help their unique need (job search / individual scenarios faced at work etc.). All modules will be interactive with ample scope for participants to communicate with their trainers.

For any help, call Tejas on +91 88888 21820. I will be happy to help ! Thanks.

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