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FINE ART WORKSHOP - Leonardo\\\'s Mind Leonardo\\\'s Art
A Complete course in Leonardo Da Vinci\\\'s System of Drawing

Why Leonardo Da\\\'Vinci? The footfalls The moneyHis Show at the National Gallery in london, Attract

Leonardo\'s Mind Leonardo\'s Art


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About The Event

FINE ART WORKSHOP - Leonardo's Mind Leonardo's Art

A Complete course in Leonardo Da Vinci's System of Drawing

Why Leonardo Da'Vinci? The footfalls The money
His Show at the National Gallery in london, Attracted huge unprecedented number of people.Such was the buzz, all advance tickets to "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan" sold out within 48 hours of the exhibition opening. This left just some 500 tickets available for sale in the Gallery each day, making them the hottest tickets in town.Number of Visitors: 323,897. Nine of the paintings were insured for a Whopping 1.5 billion $ putting his total work in the range of tens of Billions$'s the Monalisa is the most seen and popular Painting in the world 17000 daily visitors from all over the world.


Why Leonardo Da'Vinci?The Mind of a Master Artist
As written in his notebooks the mental directives in them are enough to work with to become an artist of great quality
The notebooks introduce you to a Master artist born once every 1000 years.Whose invaluable advice can be followed by all.


Why Leonardo Da'Vinci?The Master of Drawing and Painting
It is now universally Acknowledged by scholars that Da vinci's true genius lay in his Painting drawings and Art.
Even though his out put can be considered meagre compared to artists like Picasso the quality of work is exceptional.
The work embodies all the greatest qualities of drawing and Painting techniques.
It can be studied as a universal system that all people can apply in their work.


For Whom?

  • Animators Cinematographers Photographers Digital Painters 
  • Web/Industrial/Product/Graphic Designers Post Production
  • Artists Curators Gallerist Collectors Dealers
  • Illustrators Creatives Advertising Architects
  • Fine Art Enthusiasts 
Presentation and Content Schedule:
Day 1 - 8 hours
  1. Intro what is an Artistic Mind
  2. Intro to the Mind of Leonardo via his Notebooks 
  3. Mental Exercises to sharpen your artistic mind, based on Leonardo's notebooks 
  4. Entering the Mind of the Master
Day 2 - 8 Hours

  1. Intro to Drawing
  2. Intro to Drawing in the Davinci System
  3. Overview of Techniques and materials, in Da-Vinci's Time, and Their Contemporary Equivalents
  4. The Da-Vinci method
  5. The 7 Fundamental P's
  6. Key terms and Concepts
  7. Conclusion, distribution of practice Material and guides to practice 
Note: Workshop materials:
  • Each Participant must bring an A3 Size Drawing Pad
  • H- 8B Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Box of Soft Charcoals 
  • You can also do the Worskhop Digitally using A notepad, Tablet or Large Screened Phone using your Finger or a Stylus

Each of the Above sections Would Require hands On Participation in the exercises Given. Live!! Instructor Demo throughout.

Request: All phones to be swithched off During the Duration of the Workshop

Duration: 16 hours
Timing: 11.00 am - 7.00 pm over 2 days

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