LEH Khel LEH - Super 8s Cricket (Tennis Ball)

LEH Khel LEH - Super 8s Cricket (Tennis Ball)


About The Event

Hello all you cricket enthusiasts! LEH LEH Sports presents and welcomes you to our inaugural Super 8s cricket tournament – LEH Khel LEH- Cricket For ALL!
Make friends, get fit and have fun while getting back onto the cricket field. This tournament is skills, age and stamina agnostic. Form a team today and join us for an action-packed experience.

1. Matches are scheduled to start at 9.00 am onwards on Sat March 10th and could extend to Sunday, March 11th if required. 
2. Venue- BST farms, Dera Mandi Rd, Chattarpur, New Delhi.
3. 7 overs per inning with first 2 overs of power play.
4. Maximum of 2 overs per bowler.
5. A tournament points system awards two points for each match won.
6. In case of a Tie, both team will get a point each.
7. In case of equal points the finalists would be decide by virtue of a superior net run rate.

N.R.R = Total Runs Scored (divided by) Total Overs Faced (MINUS) Total Runs conceded (divided by) Total Overs Bowled

REGISTRATION : Rs 5,000 per team

1. Balls – Special tennis balls suitable for cricket matches. 
2. Umpires.
3. Scorers and score sheets.
4. Refreshments, fruits, water and beverages.
5. First Aid kit.

Equipment will be provided. Players must also be dressed in sportswear.

Prizes (beer vouchers) worth Rs. 12,000, trophies, certificates, MOM and MOT awards to be won!

So will you be that player who takes a screamer, hits a 6 of the last ball, or gets a hat-trick? Give yourself a chance. After all, you don’t have to be a professional sportstar to be a Champion!

FOR TEAM REGISTRATION or any questions, please contact:
JAI on +91 9899267493
SID on +91 9560956747

Thanks & see you on the playfield 
LEH LEH Sports

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