LEARNING FROM CHILDREN- How to be open, sensitive and creative

LEARNING FROM CHILDREN- How to be open, sensitive and creative


  • learning from children

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About The Event

How to be open, sensitive and creative


Unknowingly, Unintentionally, as a parent, are you 

Loving or instructing?
Caring or creating dependence?
Disciplining or controlling?
Awakening or conditioning?
Teaching or Learning?

TEACHING PARADIGM is about learning the word, conditioning, control, closed, memorizing, reasoning, believing, following, afraid of making mistakes and exploring, fragmenting, compartmentalizing, bored etc


LEARNING PARADIGM is about learning the world, awakening, exploring, being creative,  sensitive, experiencing, discovering, being open, intuitive, intelligent, playful, innovative, happy, humble, wholistic, integrative, deep and boundless



Sensitivity allows us to see the child, learn about the child and respect the child's autonomy and their need to be.

Freedom allows the awakening of what is inherent in children and their innate ability to learn is opened where as teaching conditions the child to what is taught and creates boundaries

Let's explore what the world of a child is. And what ambience the child may need.
Let's explore the natural laws of child rearing. 
Let's learn from children how to be 'present', to be in the here and now. 
Let's learn from them the art of 'being' and also being happy and content. 

During the event there will be

  • sessions to understand what is learning, creating knowledge etc


  • video presentations and discussions related to natural learning, creativity, why children play

             and make toys, how drawing helps the child in cognition, why is reasoning harmful and how it

             blocks real learning and creativity, what is intelligence, how children learn values and

  • what is beauty and how to awaken the sense of beauty in children


 Who Can Attend- parents, teachers, people interested in learning, children

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