LearnGoogle.net July 2012 (1 month) Training Program

LearnGoogle.net July 2012 (1 month) Training Program


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About The Event

After the Successful Completion of 4 batches, LearnGoogle.Net Releases announces its 5th One Month Training Program Starting from 16th July 2012 .

The whole course is divided into 3 Parts for each week. None of these involve any coding activity, so anyone who knows how to use the keyboard and mouse can feel comfortable and excess in these tools.

Part 1 (Week 1) – Involves understanding basics of web technology and concepts of Websites how they work. With out the understanding of concepts one would not and could not master the art of managing.

Part 2 (Week 2)- Google and Online Web Tools. Understanding, Demos and presentation of various Google and other Online Web tools used to build, manage and control a website.

Part 3 (Week 3)- Understanding concepts of Online Advertising and E-Commerce including Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Certification introduction.


Training Days
{ Week 01 }
July 16
Registering a Domain
Registering Domains, Whois, Back Orders ETC
{ Week 01 }
July 17
Domain Controls
DNS Controls, MX Records, Cnames, TXT Records ETC
{ Week 01 }
July 18
Google Search
Paid Search, Indexing Servers, Sitemaps ETC
{ Week 01 }
July 19
Monitoring of Website Performance, Ranking ETC
{ Week 01 }
July 20
Basics of HTML, NO Coding Required, W3 Schools ETC
{ Week 02 }
July 23
Google Apps
Google Apps Set Up, Free Apps, Implementation ETC
{ Week 02 }
July 24
Hosting Set up
Type of Hosting, Hosting Set UP, Filezilla ETC
{ Week 02 }
July 25
Analytics, Reporting, Targets, Demographics ETC
{ Week 02 }
July 26
Facebook Apps, Pages, Marketing, Reports ETC
{ Week 02 }
July 27
Ad Sense
Adsense Setup,
Revenue Generation,
Optimization ETC
{ Week 03 }
July 30
Google Docs
Concept, Types, Forms, Integration, Reporting, Sharing ETC
{ Week 03 }
July 31
Google Ad Words
Intro, Ad Words Set Up, types, Intro to GAP,
Training Modules ETC
{ Week 03 }
Aug 01
Google Sites
Creating of Sites, Masking with Domain, Themes ETC
{ Week 03 }
Aug 02
Set up, History, Comparison ETC
{ Week 03 }
Aug 03
Buying, Selling, International Currencies, PayPal ETC