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Sharepoint Concepts :Introduction To SharePoint✔This course covers 4 modules i.e.✔Using SharePoint as an end user✔Designing sites as Designer✔Developing applicati

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Sharepoint Concepts :
Introduction To SharePoint
✔This course covers 4 modules i.e.
✔Using SharePoint as an end user
✔Designing sites as Designer
✔Developing applications as SharePoint developer
✔Administering sites as an administrator
✔Introduction to SharePoint
✔Introduction to SharePoint
✔Introduction to Windows SharePoint Server
✔0Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
✔Other Key SharePoint Development Areas
✔Windows SharePoint Services
✔WSS Basics
✔Content Types and Sites Columns
✔5Templates and Features
✔SharePoint Site Collections and Sites
✔SharePoint Site Collection Overview
✔Creating a Site and Sub Site
✔Managing and Using Site Templates
✔Managing Site Security
✔Working with Pages and Web Parts
✔Understanding Web Part Pages
✔Creating Pages
✔Understanding Web Parts
✔Adding Web Parts to a Page
✔Working with Lists
✔What are Lists?
✔Creating Lists
✔Creating and Using Site Columns
✔Customizing List Views
✔Understanding List Security
✔Working with Documents and Libraries
✔What are Libraries?
✔Office Integration Features
✔Creating Libraries
✔Enabling Notifications
✔Information Management Polocies
✔Navigation and Search
✔Navigation Settings
✔Customizing Navigation
✔Performing Simple and Advanced Searches
✔Using Keywords and Best Bets
✔Personalizing SharePoint
✔Managing s
✔Using My Sites
✔Using My Links
✔Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
✔InfoPath Services
✔Excel Services
✔Reporting and Dashboards
✔Business Data Catalog
✔Single Sign on Service
✔SharePoint Search
✔Web Part Framework
✔Web Part Framework Basics
✔Creating Web Parts
✔Connectible Web Parts
✔Debugging and Deploying Web Parts
✔Workflow Basics
✔Workflow Object Model
✔No code Workflow
✔Workflows with SharePoint Designer
✔Workflows with VS 2005
✔Deploying Workflows using Features
✔Advanced SharePoint Development
✔SharePoint Object Model
✔Event Handlers
✔SharePoint Web Services
✔Application Integration
✔Introduction – Out of the Box BPA
✔Understanding Business Process Automation
✔Using Task Lists
✔SharePoint Designer Workflows
✔Understanding the Workflow Designer
✔Defining Steps Using Conditions and Actions
✔Using Lookups and Dynamic Routing
✔Creating Forms and Using Variables
✔Extending SharePoint Designer with Custom Activities
✔SharePoint and ASP.NET Forms
✔Modifying List Forms Using SharePoint Designer
✔InfoPath Forms
✔Creating InfoPaths Forms
✔Using Form Libraries and Data Connection Libraries
✔Using InfoPath Forms in Office 2007
✔Creating Custom Workflows
✔Creating Sequential Workflows
✔Creating State Machine Workflows
✔Business Data Catalog
✔Configuring the BDC
✔Connecting to External Databases
✔Connecting to Web Services
✔Using the BDC Web Parts
✔Excel Services
✔Configuring Excel Services
✔Using the Calculation Engine
✔Using the Excel Web Parts
✔Key Performance Indicators
✔Report Center
✔Customizing Search Center
✔Search Center Lite
✔Search Center with Tabs
✔Search Web Parts
✔Search Scopes
✔Usage Reporting and Keyword Optimization
✔Managing the Server
✔Deploying Features
✔Common Tasks
✔Managing Site Quotas
✔Introduction to SharePoint Development
✔Modes of Development: Configuration, Customization and Solution Development
✔Site Collections and Sites
✔Creating and Customizing Lists and Libraries
✔Using Web Part Pages
✔Types of Features
✔Feature Scopes
✔Feature Activation, Dependencies, and Stapling
✔Feature Receivers
✔Styles and Themes
✔Style Basics
✔Associating Styles with Pages
✔Using and Creating Themes
✔Master Pages
✔ASP.NET Master Page Basics
✔Master Pages in SharePoint
✔Creating a Custom Master Page
✔Creating User Controls and Web Parts
✔User Controls
✔Web Parts
✔Delegate Controls
✔Advanced List Concepts
✔Manipulating Lists and List Items Programmatically
✔Lists and Cross-site queries
✔Custom Field Types

phone : 8123930940
Website :

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