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SAP HR Training Concepts :INTRODUCTION✔What is SAP?✔Overview of SAP✔About versions and Architecture✔SAP modules at a GlanceStructures✔Enterprise Structure✔Personn

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phone: 8123930940

SAP HR Training Concepts :
✔What is SAP?
✔Overview of SAP
✔About versions and Architecture
✔SAP modules at a Glance
✔Enterprise Structure
✔Personnel Structure
✔Organizational Structure
✔Pay scale Structure
✔Packed Decimals
Organizational Management
Organization & Staffing
✔General Structure
✔Expert Mode
✔Simple Maintenance
✔Organizational Plan
✔Object Types and Explanations
✔Maintain Advertisements
✔Maintain Applicant Structures
✔Maintain Applicant Data
✔Selection Process
✔Personnel Actions in Recruitment
✔Hire/ Reject A person
✔Maintaining Master Data
✔Maintaining Infotypes
✔Orientation of Features and Configuration
✔Creation of Infogroups
✔Configuration of Personnel Actions
✔Maintaining Infotype Menus
✔Defaulting the User Parameters
✔Overview of Dynamic Actions
✔Maintain Number Ranges for Personnel Actions
✔✔Integration of Personnel Administration with Organizational Management
✔✔Overview of scenarios with respect to different countries
✔✔Exercises on hiring, personnel displays and maintenance
Time Management
✔Allot working timings to Employee
✔Break Schedules
✔Work Schedules
✔Explain about Time Data Recording & Administration
✔Time Management Info types
✔Over view of Payroll Components
✔Explain about SAP R/3 payroll basics
✔Wage types
✔Valuation Methods
✔Payroll Run
✔Payroll Driver
✔Configuration of Schemas
Personnel Development
✔Overview of Personnel Development
✔Profile Match up with Applicant
✔Career & Success Plan of Employee
Training & Event Management
✔Overview of T & E Management
✔Business Event Preparation
✔Business Event Catalog
✔Day to Day Activities
✔Recurring Activities
ASAP Methodology
✔Explain about ASAP Methodology
✔Explain about integrations between Applications
✔Give Some Business Scenarios
phone: 8123930940

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