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SAP GRC Access Control 5.3 Overview and Configuration1. Course OverviewChallenges in auditing SAP ERPSegregation of duties and restricted accessGRC access control overview an

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SAP GRC Access Control 5.3 Overview and Configuration
1. Course Overview
Challenges in auditing SAP ERP
Segregation of duties and restricted access
GRC access control overview and navigation
2. SAP GRC Access Control Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)
Verification of Post installations.
RAR Overview of Configuration
RAR Connectors
RAR Rules set building
RAR Risk, Business process and Functions building
RAR Reporting
RAR Background jobs Overview
RAR Risk Analysis
RAR Risk Remediation
RAR Mitigation Control process and Concept
Continuous Compliance
3. SAP GRC Access Control Compliant User provisioning
Verification of Post installations.
CUP Overview of Configurations
Compliant User provisioning Functionality
CUP Request form Customization
CUP Custom field Configuration
CUP Integration with RAR
CUP integration with Central User Administration System.
CUP Request Types and Workflows configuration
SMTP server setup in CUP
Detour and Escape routes configuration
Role Approvers Maintenance in CUP
4. SAP GRC Access Control Super user privilege management
SPM Overview of Configurations
Firefighter role creation in SPM
SPM Parameter Maintenance for Firefighter Access
Reason codes creation in SPM
Assignment of Firefighter id’s to Owners and Controllers in SPM
Running Log Reports in SPM
5. SAP GRC Access Control Enterprise Role Management
ERM Overview of Configurations
Enterprise Role Management Workflow Steps
System landscape
Role attributes
ERM Integration with CUP and RAR
ERM Methodology Process and Concept
Approving Role changes.
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