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SAP ERP Training Concepts :SAP Enterprise Portal AdministrationIntroduction✔SAP Netweaver✔Introducing the SAP Enterprise PortalThe End User’s Perspective✔Logging

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SAP ERP Training Concepts :
SAP Enterprise Portal Administration
✔SAP Netweaver
✔Introducing the SAP Enterprise Portal
The End User’s Perspective
✔Logging on to and Navigating in SAP Enterprise Portal
Predefined Roles
✔User Administration
✔Content Administration
✔System Administration,
✔Activities Involved
Design Changes and Branding
✔Portal Branding – Look and Feel, Portal Theme, Portal Desktop
✔Customizing Logon Screen
Portal Content Design
✔Creating Iviews, Pages, WorkSets, Roles, Groups
✔Assigning to Users
Technical Infrastructure
✔Architectural Overview
✔Java Cluster Architecture
✔Terms & Terminology
✔Default URLs/Ports
Integrating SAP Applications
✔Defining a Backend System Landscape
✔System Templates for Backend Connectivity
✔JAVA Connectors (JCo)
Transporting Portal Contents
✔Iviews, Worksets, Roles
User Administration
✔User Management Engine (UME)
✔Creating Users/Groups/Roles
✔Batch Importing Users
✔Anonymous Users
SAP Enterprise Portal Installation and Configuration
✔Preparing the Portal Installation
✔Installing SAP Web AS Java System
✔Portal Installation
✔Applying Portal Patches
✔Deploying Packages (ex✔ Ess/Mss) using SDM GUI Tool
Post Installation
✔Post Installation Activities
✔Setting up System Landscape
✔Installation & configuration
✔Creating WDJ Application and Deploying
✔Introduction to PAR files
Single Signâ€ÂOn to Backend Systems
✔Introducing SAP Logon Ticket
✔SSO using SAP Logon Tickets
✔SSO using User Mapping
Business Packages ESS & MSS
✔Deploying – SDM /JSPM
✔Creating Roles and Assigning in ECC
✔Assigning Roles in Portal
Knowledge Management
✔Various Iviews
✔File uploading
Web Dynpro ABAP Configurations
✔Checking ITS Working
✔Activating Required SICF Services
✔Creating WebDynpro ABAP Iviews
Workflow Configurations
✔To get Notifications into Portal UWL creating Logical System
✔Installation of SONIC sw and Viewing SAP mails into UWL
Development Infrastructure
✔NWDI (Netweaver Development Infrastructure) Configuration & Architecture
✔NWDI Components – DTR, CBS, CMS, SLD
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