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SAP Data Service Training Concepts :✔Introduction✔What is a data warehouse?✔Data Warehouse Functions & Implementation✔Data Warehouse Products & Vendors✔Abou

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phone: 8123930940

SAP Data Service Training Concepts :
✔What is a data warehouse?
✔Data Warehouse Functions & Implementation
✔Data Warehouse Products & Vendors
✔About SAP & Their Products
✔SAP’s Data Warehouse product-SAP BW
✔SAP BW functions, benefits & limitations
✔About Business Objects & their Products
✔SAP BO Product Portfolio- BI, EIM
SAP BO Data Service Overview
✔About Data Services-Introduction
✔Functions-Data Integration & Data Management
✔Data Services Product Evolution (ATL, DI & DQ)
✔Architecture-by Components
✔BO Data Services Tools & its Functions
✔BO Data Services Objects & Object Hierarchy
✔BODS Objects Naming Standards
✔BODS Objects Comparison with SAP BW Objects
SAP BO Data Services-Basic Level
✔Resiportary Manager-BODS Resiportary
✔Resiportary Types-Local, Central, Profile, Data Package
✔Resiportary Creation & Up gradation
✔Server Manager Job Server-Resipository Assignment
✔Management Console- Introduction & Components
✔Data Service Designer-Introduction & GUI
✔Getting Start with Designer to develop First ETL Flow
Data store & Formats
✔Data store-Overview & Types
✔Data store creation – DB, SAP, Adaptor, and Web service
✔Formats – Flat file, DTD, XSD, COBOL, copybooks
✔Data Extraction from Database Tables
✔Data Extraction from Excl Workbook- Multiple Sheets
✔Data Extraction from flat files (CSV, Notepad, and SAP Transport)
✔Data Extraction from XML FILE (DTD, XSD)
✔Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks
✔Data Distribution to flat file & XML
✔Dynamic Extraction-File Selection & Sheet Selection
SAP BO Data Services-Transforms
✔Transforms & Category (DI, DQ, PF)
✔Data Integrator-Data Transfer, Date Generation
✔Data Integrator- Effective_Data, Hierarchy_Flatterning
✔Data-Integrator-History _Preserving, Key _Generation
✔Data Integrator-Pivot, Reserve_Pivot, XML_Pipeline
✔Platform-Case, Map_Operation, Merge, query
✔Platform-SQL, Validation, Custom ABAP Transform
✔Data Quality-Introduction, standard content directions
✔Data Quality-Dictionaries Configuration
✔Data-Country_ID, Geocoder, Global_Adress_Cleanse
SAP BO Data Services-Advance Level
✔BODS Admin Console-Administration, Auto Reporting
✔Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
✔Variables, Parameters, Substitution Parameters, System Config
✔Debugging, Recovery Mechanism
✔Data Assessment-Data Profiling
✔BODS Performance Tuning Techniques
✔Multi-User Development Environment-Into &Advantages
✔Multi -User Environment-Implementation & Migration
✔BODS Objects Migration Techniques
Data Services-SAP Systems Handing
✔SAP systems into, SAP Systems allowed, Terminology
✔SAP BODS and sap ERP/SAP BI Integration
✔SAP BODS User & Role Creation in SAP
✔SAP ERP -Data Flow, Interfaces, and Objects allowed to BODS
✔CREATING sap Application Data store-Properties
✔SAP ERP-Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
✔SAP ERP-Getting RFC enabled Functions Modules
✔SAP ERP-IDOC Data Extraction & IDOC Data Loading
✔SAP ERP- Extracting Flat files data from SAP APP Server
✔SAP BW-Data Flow, Interfaces Objects allowed to BODS
✔Creating SAP BW Source & SAP BW Target Data stores
✔SAP BW-Extracting Data from SAP BW info Providers-OHD
✔SAP BW -Extracting Data from SAP BW bases tables-/BIC/
✔SAP BW -Loading data to SAP BW info Providers (MD & TD)
✔SAP BW -BW Jobs Execution
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