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SAP ABAP Training Concepts :✔ ABAP Contents ERP✔Introduction✔Evolution of ERP✔ASAP ( Accelerated SAP)✔Project preparation✔Business Blue Print✔Realization✔Fina

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phone: 8123930940

SAP ABAP Training Concepts :
✔ ABAP Contents ERP
✔Evolution of ERP
✔ASAP ( Accelerated SAP)
✔Project preparation
✔Business Blue Print
✔Final preparation
✔Go-Live and Support
✔ SAP R/1 Architecture
✔Centralized architecture
✔Distributed architecture
✔1-tire architecture
✔2-tire architecture
✔ Landscape and Implementation Lifecycle
✔Overview of Software Development
✔Overview of SAP Landscape
✔Landscape types
✔Lifecycle Implementation concepts
✔ Introduction to ABAP
✔ Getting Started
✔ SAP Logon Details
✔ SAP Easy Access
✔ ABAP Workbench
✔Package builder
✔Object Navigator
✔Overview of Workbench
✔Information about Repository Objects
✔ ABAP Dictionary
✔Database tables
✔Data types
✔Type groups
✔Search Help
✔ Basic Programming
✔Data type in ABAP editor
✔String Functions
✔Data Functions
✔Arithmetic Functions
✔System Fields
✔ Formation Techniques
✔ Selection-screens
✔ Work-Area
✔Implicit Work Area
✔Explicit Work Area
✔ Control statements
✔Conditional statements
✔Branching statements
✔Looping statements
✔ User defined Non-Elementary data type
✔Field String
✔Field Groups
✔Field Symbols
✔ ABAP database Access
✔Open SQL
✔Native SQL
✔ Internal Table
✔Without Header line
✔With Header line
✔Types of Internal tables
✔ Modularization
✔Source code
✔Function builder
✔ Reports
✔Classical reports
✔Interactive Reports
✔ALV(ABAP List Viewer)
✔Drill down Reports
✔ Screen Objects
✔Implementation and processing
✔Screen Painter tool
✔Text Fields
✔Status Icon
✔Input/output Fields
✔List Box
✔Check Box
✔Radio Button group
✔Tab strip
✔Table Control
✔ Developer Tools
✔ ABAP/✔ Debugger
✔ABAP/✔ Runtime Analysis
✔SQL Trace
✔Performance Tuning
✔ Data Transfer Procedure
✔ Overview of Transfer Procedure available
✔Data analysis and formatting
✔Sequential and Local files
✔Batch Input
✔Session Method
✔Call Transaction Method
✔Legacy System Migration Work Bench (LSMW)
✔Transaction Recorder
✔Scheduling Data Transfer in Background processing
✔Overview of SAP
✔General concepts on Form Painting
✔Page windows
✔Character Format
✔SAP Style
✔ SMART FORMS (Concepts)
✔ Introduction to Distributed technologies
✔ Why Distributed technologies
✔ General Concepts
✔ Types of Distributed technologies
✔ Enhancement Technologies
✔User exits
✔Menu exits
✔Screen exits
✔ Other
✔Real-Time Scenarios
✔Maintenance Project
✔Implementation Project
✔Implementation Skills
✔In Various ABAP Concepts
✔Functional Exposure with Real-Time scenarios
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✔ About SAP ABAP Trainer :
✔ SAP ABAP Online Training batch information:
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