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Oracle Apps Functional Training Concepts :ORACLE APPS FUNCTIONALR12 Summary Course Content✔Payables (AP)✔Receivables (AR)✔General Ledger (GL)✔Fixed Assets (FA)✔Cash

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Oracle Apps Functional Training Concepts :
R12 Summary Course Content
✔Payables (AP)
✔Receivables (AR)
✔General Ledger (GL)
✔Fixed Assets (FA)
✔Cash Management (CE)
✔Multi Org Access Control (MOAC)
✔Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA)
R12 Detailed Course Content:
Basic Concepts of R12
✔Architectural Overview – System Administration
✔UI Navigation changes in R12 Vs 11i
✔Flex fields
✔Access and Controls
✔Functional overview of Products
✔Concepts of LE/OU/Chart of Accounts
✔Differences between R11 Vs 11i-sneek peek review
✔Creation of Users and assignment of Responsibilities
✔Profile Options and security controls
✔Invoice Vs Inv Batch
✔Creation of Invoices (All types of Invoices)
✔Prepayment Application and Unapplication
✔Payment of Invoices- Full and Partial
✔Invoice Accounting
✔Payables Options
✔Financials Options
✔System Hold and Manual Holds
✔Distribution Set Vs Distribution Accounts
✔Retainage Release Calculation
✔WH Taxes
✔Recurring Invoices
✔Supplier Setup
✔Multi Currency payments
Payables Intergration Areas:
✔Procure to Pay (end to end flow)
✔Creation of PO
✔Invoice Matching and Payment for the same
✔2/3/4 way matching with PO
✔Auto Invoice from PO
✔Automatic Offset
✔Creation of isupplier portal
✔Supplier PO Management
✔Data Model Analysis
✔AP Backend data model
✔Tables impacted on updation
✔Retainage Release
✔Fixed Assets Integration
Oracle Payments(IBY):
✔Funds Disbursement
✔Changes in R12 Vs 11i
✔Role of New Payment Set up Administrator
✔Creation of Payment Process Profile
✔Creation of Payment methods
✔Mapping PPP and Payment Documents with Internal bank Accounts
✔Payment Process Request Templated and Submission
✔Manual Vs Automatic completion
✔Overview of Federal formats
✔Scheduling Requests in Real time
✔Assignment of Bank Accounts and PPP
✔Paying different supplier and OU’s in single pay run
✔Review proposed payments
✔Add & Remove invoices during payments
✔Electronic and Printed Payments
✔Multi Currency Payments
✔Validations during payment
✔Resolve document & payment validation errors
✔Payment Limits
20.MOAC Payments
✔Decentralised AP and Payments
✔Centralized AP and Payments
✔Void and Stop Payments
✔Void by overflow
✔Skipped documents
Funds Capture:
✔Process flow for funds capture
✔Auths Vs Settlements
✔Credit Card Creation
✔Brand activation Vs Inactivation’s
✔Assignment of credit card and Bank accounts to customer
✔Encryption Vs Masking
✔Creation of Funds Capture Process Profile
✔Creation of Payee
✔Mapping FCPP, PSA and Payees with OU
✔Transaction testing auths & settlements
✔Auth Capture
✔Credit Card refund
✔Invoking FC from AR/OM and collections
✔Data Model Analysis for Funds Disbursement
✔Data Model Analysis for Funds Capture
Multi Org Access Control(MOAC):
✔Changes in 11i Vs R12
✔Security Profile Options
✔Security list maintenance
✔Assigning security to users and responsibilities
Fixed Assets:
✔Asset Books vs Finance Book
✔Asset Creation
✔Calculation of Depreciation
✔Paying a capital asset PO via AP
✔Mass Addition
✔Transfer of Asset
✔Group Vs Member Assets
Cash Management:
✔Changes in R12 Vs 11i
✔Creation of Banks/Branches/Accounts
✔Distinction between Internal bank accounts and external bank accounts
✔Controls in Cash Management
✔Reconciliation Manual and Auto Reconciliation
✔UMX Security Controls
✔Back end SQL data model for internal and external bank accounts
✔Cash Clearing
✔Bank Account Transfers
✔Cash Positioning and Forecasting
Accounts Receivable:
✔Creation of Transaction
✔Receivable Options
✔Receipt Manual Vs Automatic
✔Receipt Application Vs Unapplication
✔Refund Manual Vs Credit Card
✔Charge Back
✔Customer setups
✔Auto Cash Rule set
✔Balance Forward Billing
✔Type of Transactions and set off with Credit Memo
✔Accounts Overview
✔I Receivables
✔I Supplier Portal
Sale Order Management integration with Financial Modules(AR):
✔Auto Import Orders
✔Creation of Invoices in AR using import from OM
✔Payment of Sales Order using Credit card
Sublegder Accounting Methods (SLAM)
✔Architectural Overview
✔Even Model in R12 Vs 11i
✔Accounting Events Definition
✔Accounting Events in Payables
✔Accounting Events in Receivables
✔Modifying seeded AAD, JLT and JLD
Oracle General Ledger:
✔Creation of Ledger
✔Accounting Setup Manager
✔Open and Close periods
✔Mapping of 4 C’s =Currency, Calendar, COA and Convention
✔Primary and Secondary Ledger
✔Reporting Currency Ledger
✔Transfer/Post Accounting entries to GL
✔Creation of recurring journals
✔Data Conversion Levels
✔COA Mapping
✔Ledger Vs Ledger Sets
✔Data Access Set Vs Definition Access Set
Financial Statement Generator:
✔Prepare Income statement
✔Balance Sheet.
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