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TOPICSCCNA Training Concepts :Chapter 11.OSI model and industry standards2.Network topologies3.IP addressing, including subnet masks4.Networking components5.Basic network des

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CCNA Training Concepts :
Chapter 1
1.OSI model and industry standards
2.Network topologies
3.IP addressing, including subnet masks
4.Networking components
5.Basic network design
Chapter 2
1.Beginning router configurations
2.Routed and routing protocols
Chapter 3
1.Advanced router configurations
2.LAN switching theory and VLANs
3.Advanced LAN and LAN switched design
4.Novell IPX
5.Threaded case studies
Chapter 4
1.WAN theory and Design
2.WAN technology, PPP, Frame Relay, ISDN
3.Network troubleshooting
4.National SCANS Skills
5.Threaded case study.
phone: 8123930940

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