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TOPICSEMC AvamarAvamar Fundamentals :1. Avamar Features and Functions2. Avamar System Components3. Avamar Processes and Backup Process Flow4. Backing Up Virtual Machines, NDM

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EMC Avamar
Avamar Fundamentals :
1. Avamar Features and Functions
2. Avamar System Components
3. Avamar Processes and Backup Process Flow
4. Backing Up Virtual Machines, NDMP,Cluster, and Database Application Environments
Avamar Administration :
1. Installing and Using Avamar Administrator Consloe
2. Installing Avamar Backup Client Software
3. Account Management
4. Using Client Manager
Avamar Backups :
1. Schedule Backups
2. On-Demand Backups
3. Configuring Avamar Desktop/Laptop
4. Managing and Monitioring Backup Activity
Performing Restores :
1. Restoring Client Data
2. Client Server Recovery with Avamar
Using Enterprise Manager and Replication :
1. Avamar Enterprise Manager
2. Avamar Replication
System Monitoring and Maintanace :
1. Avamar Server Environment
2. Daily System Monitoring Tasks
3. Daily Avamar Server Maintanance Activities
4. Managing Avamar Server Capacity
Logs, Troubleshooting, and Reporting :
1. Avamar Processes and Logs
2. Troubleshooting
3. Avamar Reporting.
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