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Course introduction
C# Online Training Concepts :
Introduction to Web Controls
?Thinking about .NET?Using Visual Studio?Debugging and Handl

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BEST C# Online Training

phone : 8123930940
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Course introduction


C# Online Training Concepts :

Introduction to Web Controls

?Thinking about .NET
?Using Visual Studio
?Debugging and Handling Exceptions
?Data Types and Variables

Introducing Variables and Data Types
?Working with Variables and Data Types
?Using the .NET Framework

Using .NET Framework Classes
?Working with Strings
?Working with Dates and Times
?Branching and Flow Control

Branching in Code
?Repeating Code Blocks
?Unconditional Branching
?Classes and Objects

Introducing Objects and Classes
?Creating Your Own Classes
?Working with Classes
?Properties and Methods

Overview of Properties and Methods
?Working with Properties
?Working with Methods
?Object-Oriented Techniques

?Organizing Classes
?Working with Arrays

Introducing Arrays
?Manipulating Arrays
?Creating Indexes
?Delegates and Events

Motivating Delegates
?Introducing Delegates
?Working with Events

Introducing Generics
?Generics and Arrays
?Generic Interfaces
?Generic Constraints
?Generics and Lists
?Handling Exceptions

Perspectives on Exception Handling?
?Getting Started with Exception Handling
?Catching Specific Exceptions
?Raising Errors
?Running Code Unconditionally
?Creating Exception Classes
?Collection Classes

Generics, Collections, and Interfaces
?The Generic List
?Working with Dictionaries, Stacks and Queues
?Creating Your Own Generic Collection Classes
?Introduction to Visual Studio What is .NET, Anyway?
?.NET Framework Components
?.NET Languages
?Applications You Can Build
?Create a Console Project in Visual Studio
?Option Strict
?Start Debugging
?Add A Reference
?Single Step from Visual Basic to C#
?Imports/Using Statements
?Inserting Code Snippets
?How Do I Distribute This App?

Intro to .NET Framework Classes

?Looking at System Services
?What’s in the BCL ?
?A Note About Namespaces
?System Namespace
?Intro to .NET Framework Classes

String Class

?StringBuilder Class
?FileVersionInfo Class
?FileSystemWatcher Class
?Common Dialog Demo
?Network Event Demo
?New Classes in Framework
?My Namespace Simplifies
?Static Classes
?Dynamic Classes
?Data Access with ADO.NET

What is ADO.NET ?
?ADO.NET Architecture
?DataTable Object
?Filling a DataTable Manually
?Setting Up Connections
?Reading Data with DataReader
?Working With Data
?Connecting to a Data Source
?Getting Data into a DataSet
?Viewing Data while Debugging
?Inserting Data
?Insert Data Using Stored Procedure
?Windows Services Using Visual C#

?Steps for Building Windows Services
?View Current Running Services
?Debugging Your Service
?Create a Windows Service
?Uninstall the Windows Service
?Windows Forms Using Visual C#

Why Windows Forms?
?Visual Inheritance
?Forms in Visual Studio
?Some Windows Forms Controls
?Create a Base Form
?Create an Inherited Form
?Creating an MDI Application
?Display Forms Programmatically
?Examine Event Handler code
?Add Code to the Base Form
?BackgroundWorker Component
?New Controls in Visual Studio
?Click Once Deployment
?Web Services Using Visual C#
?Introducing Web Services
?Transporting Information
?Consuming A Web Service
?Making Web Service Requests
?Set a Reference to the Web Service
?Add Code to Call the Web Service
?Call A More Complex Web Service
?Create A New Web Service
?Consume the Web Service
?Deploy the Web Service


Course summary

phone : 8123930940
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