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TOPICSPreparing Web ImagesUnderstand Images for the WebReduce File SizeOptimizing ImagesOptimize Photographic ImagesOptimize Flat Color Graphics and IllustrationsApply Transp

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Preparing Web Images
Understand Images for the Web
Reduce File Size
Optimizing Images
Optimize Photographic Images
Optimize Flat Color Graphics and Illustrations
Apply Transparency Settings
Preparing Images for Cross-Platform Viewing
Set Up Color Management for the Web
Alter Images for Displaying Across Platforms
Snap to Web-Safe Colors
Creating Web Page Layouts
Create a Web Page
Create Web Page Backgrounds
Draw Editable Vector Shapes
Create Effects
Lesson 5: Exporting a Web Page
Prepare a Web Page for Export
Export a Web Page
Lesson 6: Creating Animations for Web and Mobile Devices
Create Frame Animations
Create Timeline Animations
Save Animations
Preview Animations on Mobile Devices
Exploring the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Environment
Explore the Photoshop Interface
Explore the Navigation Tools
Customize the Workspace
Explore Adobe Bridge
Use Photoshop Help
Determining Resolution and Graphic Type
Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
Understand Image Resolution
Working with Selections
Create a Selection
Save a Selection
Modify a Selection
Apply Color to a Selection
Working with Layers
Create Layers
Work with Type Layers
Transform Layers
Apply Layer Styles
Manage Layers
Enhancing Images with Paint and Filters
Paint on an Image
Apply Filter Effects
Exploring Image Modes and Color Adjustments
Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Explore Color Modes
Apply Color Adjustments
Saving Images for Web and Print
Save Images for Print
Save Images for the Web
Save Images as PDF
Appendix A: Work with Adobe® Bridge
Supplemental Lesson Managing Assets with Adobe Bridge
Work with Adobe Bridge
Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge
Apply Metadata and Keywords to Files
Enhancing Images
Retouch Images
Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers
Working with Vector Paths
Create Vector Paths
Edit Paths
Applying Custom Fills
Create Swatches and Gradients
Create Custom Patterns and Brushes
Working with Layers
Blend Layers
Work with Shape Layers
Work with Masks
Apply Special Effects to a Layer
Automating Tasks
Work with Actions
Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge
Working with Video Files
Edit Video Files
Export Video Files
Integrating with Other Adobe Applications
Integrate with Adobe Illustrator
Edit a Photoshop File with Adobe Acroba
Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0
Explore the Interface
Obtain Help
Transferring Photos
Transfer Photos from a Digital Camera
Transfer Photos from a Scanner
Transfer Photos from Files and Folders
Transfer Photos from a Mobile Phone
Organizing Photos
Group Photos into Albums and Stacks
Organize Photos and Find Photos Using Keyword Tags
Get Photos from PDF
Create a Smart Album
Search for Photos
Correcting Photos
Correct Camera Distortion
Remove Red Eye
Adjust the Color in a Photo
Remove the Background in a Photo
Enhancing Photos
Change an Object’s Color
Apply Artistic Effects
Add Text
Crop Photos into Shapes
Add Shapes
Transforming Photos
Create an Old-Fashioned Photo
Restore a Faded Photo
Merge Photos
Creating the End Product
Create a Slide Show
Create a Photo Book
Create an Online Gallery
Create a Themed Photo Email
Print Photos
Appendix A: Rectifying Photos Using Adobe Photoshop Elements
Supplemental Lesson: Rectifying Photos
Lighten Shadows
Retouch Photos
Sharpen Photos
Defringe Photos
Appendix B: Creating Products
Supplemental Lesson: Creating Customized Products
Burn Photos to a CD or DVD
Create a Greeting Card
Create a Photo Calendar.
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