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TOPICS:Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Adobe® FrameMaker® 9.0Topic 1A: Explore the FrameMaker InterfaceTopic 1B: Customize the InterfaceTopic 1C: Use the Help Feature

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phone: 8123930940

Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Adobe® FrameMaker® 9.0
Topic 1A: Explore the FrameMaker Interface
Topic 1B: Customize the Interface
Topic 1C: Use the Help Feature
Lesson 2: Creating a Layout
Topic 2A: Create a Document
Topic 2B: Add Content to a Document
Topic 2C: Save a Document
Lesson 3: Manipulating Text in Layouts
Topic 3A: Edit Text
Topic 3B: Format Text
Topic 3C: Set Tabs in Paragraphs
Topic 3D: Find and Replace Text
Topic 3E: Insert Symbols
Topic 3F: Check Spelling
Lesson 4: Working with Graphics
Topic 4A: Draw Simple Lines and Shapes
Topic 4B: Modify Graphics
Topic 4C: Align Graphics
Lesson 5: Working with Page Layouts
Topic 5A: Set Pagination
Topic 5B: Set Page Breaks
Topic 5C: Control Widows and Orphans
Lesson 6: Creating Page Layouts from Master Pages
Topic 6A: Create Side Headings
Topic 6B: Create Headers and Footers
Lesson 7: Outputting Documents
Topic 7A: Print a Document
Topic 7B: Create a PDF File
Topic 7C: Create an HTML File
Topic 7D: Create an XML File
Appendix A: Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Objectives Mapping.
phone: 8123930940

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