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TOPICSGetting Started with Flash CS5Identify Components of the Flash CS5 InterfaceCustomize the Flash CS5 InterfaceIntroduce Rich Media Design PrinciplesAdding Shapes, Colors

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Getting Started with Flash CS5
Identify Components of the Flash CS5 Interface
Customize the Flash CS5 Interface
Introduce Rich Media Design Principles
Adding Shapes, Colors, and Lines with Drawing and Painting Tools
Identify Flash Drawing and Painting Components
Apply and Customize Colors
Use Drawing and Painting Tools
Work with Interacting Objects
Creating Symbols and Instances
Create Symbols
Create Symbol Instances
Identifying Image Types
Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements
Compare Vector and Bitmap Images
Optimize Bitmap Images for Flash
Manipulating Objects
Select Objects Using the Selection Tools
Transform Objects
Organize Objects with Layers
Working with Text
Add Text to a Document
Create Text Fields
Using Animation Basics to Create Animations
Create Animations with Frames and Keyframes
Create Tween Animations
Getting Started with Action™
An Introduction to Action
Coding with Basic Action
Use Code Snippets
Planning a Flash Project
Understand a Workflow
Translate Workflow Plans to Flash
Identify Elements of a Project Plan
Designing a Project
Initiate a Project
Create Design Patterns
Managing Symbols
Use Movie Clips
Use Buttons
Laying Out Text
Lay Out Text in a Flash Movie
Embed Text Fonts in a Movie
Creating Advanced Animations
Work with Inverse Kinematics
Add Motion to Animations
Apply 3D Transformation to an Object
Apply Effects to an Object
Adding Audio to a Movie
Import Audio
Control Audio
Working with Action™ 3.0
Understand Additional Action Concepts
Add Interactivity Using Action Elements
Use Dynamic Mask
Work with Pre-Built Components
Publishing a Movie in Different Formats
Add Metadata to SWF Files
Ensure Accessibility
Create Multiple Outputs
Extending Flash
Understand JSFL
Understand Adobe® Extension Manager CS5
Building an Application
Import Assets for an Animation
Edit Animations
Build a Navigation Structure
Using Videos in Flash
Encode Video Objects
Add Videos to a Movie
Programming with Advanced Action
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Use Action for Animations
Load Data from an External Source
Create Custom Classes
Deploying a Flash Application
Create a Preloader
Topic 21B: Publish a Flash Application
Appendix A: Localize Content in Flash
Appendix B: Testing and Debugging a Flash Application
Appendix C: Exporting a Flash Application
Appendix D: Adobe Flash CS5 New Features Mapping
Appendix E: Adobe® Certified Expert Exam Objectives.
phone: 8123930940

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