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TOPICSGetting Familiar with the Adobe® Fireworks® CS3 EnvironmentExamine the Adobe Fireworks CS3 environmentExplore the Adobe Fireworks CS3 interfaceCreating Vector G

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phone: 8123930940

Getting Familiar with the Adobe® Fireworks® CS3 Environment
Examine the Adobe Fireworks CS3 environment
Explore the Adobe Fireworks CS3 interface
Creating Vector Graphics
Create graphics using vector drawing tools
Create basic shapes
Modify vector graphics
Transforming Vector Images and Applying Live Filters
Combine shapes
Create a layer
Align objects
Apply effects to vector images
Enhancing Bitmap Images
Create bitmap images
Edit bitmap images
Apply live filters to bitmap images
Adding Text to a Web Page
Create and format text
Reshape text on a path
Convert text to paths
Create symbols
Creating Slices and Rollovers
Slice an object
Apply rollover effects
Optimize images
Working with Hotspots
Create hotspots
Add links to hotspots
Creating Multiple Pages
Generate pages
Export multiple pages
Organizing Assets with Adobe® Bridge
Customize the Adobe Bridge workspace
Append metadata to assets.
phone: 8123930940

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