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About The Event

Gone are the days of learning in silos ... WELCOME TO LEARNATHONS, the fun, agile and effective way of learning.

How does learning to code from scratch, develop hybrid Mobile apps and HAVE AN APP OF YOUR OWN to show off just over a single weekend sound? Impossible!? Not Really.

Join us over the weekend on Dec 26-27th, 2015 on a Learnathon, where we have re-designed the way of learning new technology and have also made it interesting, collaborative and fun - all at the same time.


What is a Learnathon?

A Learnathon is an event where people come together, learn and use technology to transform ideas into reality. We believe that by bringing together talented people from across Hyderabad and providing them the kickstart to learn new technology/tools along with the space to be creative, we can do AMAZING THINGS. During Learnathon, people form a team around a problem or idea, and collaboratively learn technology to create a unique solution - web app, mobile app, hardware product, right from scratch. Its a test of being a quicky in grasping technology, perseverence to compete and deliver by being an agile learner.


What am I supposed to build?

We'll provide you with problem statements on the day of the Learnathon (if you do not already have an idea for a mobile app that you would love to develop yourself). You need to develop the solution as a hybrid mobile app to the given problem statement (or your own idea) using Meteor framework.


I have not done (or have no idea) about Mobile app development. Can I also participate?

The only pre-requistes in terms of skillset are basic programming skills (any language) and know-how of HTML, CSS, and Javascript (all 3 of which can be picked up from w3schools.com within 2-3 hours in total). The rest of the technical skills (many of them) to code Mobile apps will be taught and learnt during the Learnathon itself. We will provide you with appropriate learning videos and titbits to help you at each step.


Do I need to carry anything to the Learnathon?

Yes please. Other than a energized yourself please bring in the following as this is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning event:

  • - A laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) with latest stand-alone Android SDK and Meteor framework installed.
  • - USB pen drive (to copy files required for learning & dev).
  • - Android phone (optional - won't you want to flaunt the mobile app you developed on your phone).


Note: If you need a laptop for rent (approx rental cost of Rs.500 for the 2 days of Learnathon) please contact us on +91-7286830319 , we are trying to make with an arrangement external provider. You can also contact us if you have any other questions.



The 'Software Developers' icon used in the banner image was created by Wilson Joseph from the Noun project.

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