Learn The Art n Science of Stock Markets Investing - Benefits of Owning a Certified Investments Advisor

Learn The Art n Science of Stock Markets Investing - Benefits of Owning a Certified Investments Advisor


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About The Event

ABOUT THE EVENT: This is a good opportunity for the people who wants learn the Art and Science of Investing in Stock Markets & Mutual funds and acquire the right & good knowledge in Financial Investing field from a SEBI (NISM) Certified Investments Advisor. Learn how to Identify picking the stocks for your investments and how to identify the business and good Sectors in stock markets for investing purpose only.

Know the Advantages of owning a Professional Certified Investments Advisor services for all your Financial Investments.  Know how to select & what to see in your Professional Certified Investments Advisor. Know the Benefits of Asset Allocation and Portfolio Balancing for Your Financial Investments.  Learn how to become a professional in Stock Markets and Mutual Funds Investing.  


WORKSHOP FACILITATOR:  T.V.Ramana, NCCMP, NISM, NCFM- Certified Investments Advisor  (SEBI RIA Registration Applied & is in Process) T.V.RAMANA has started his passion about stock markets investing in the year 2000 with his pocket money after his education and a regular follower of the Indian stock markets from the year 2000 with overall experience of 15+ years as an investor, employee, advisor, stock markets trainer, mutual fund advisory, wealth management, and wealth planning advisory services with unbiased and customized financial investments advisory from for their investments based on their risk profile.


•200+ LIVE TV PROGRAMS done on Stock markets & Mutual Funds Investments on Telugu Regional News Channel “News Money Money” Program.

•200 Top and Best Investing Stocks Recommendations from top 500 Stocks from Small, Mid, Large Cap stocks in the last 2 years in Indian Stock Markets via Electronic Media.

•10 Professional Financial & Capital Markets Certifications from top NSE (National Stock Exchange), NISM (National Institute for Securities Markets), AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) Institutions.

TRACKRECORD:  Download link from website (www.YourWealthPlanner.COM)


  • Learning the Art & Science of Stock Markets Investing.
  • Why you need Certified Investments Advisor Services.
  • How to Select your Professional Certified Investments Advisor.
  • Advantages of owning a Certified Investments Advisor.
  • Fee Based Advisory vs Free Advisory Services.
  • Who should invest in Stock Markets & Mutual Funds.
  • How to benefit from Investing in Stock Markets & Mutual Funds.
  • Understanding Benefits of Assets Allocation Skills & Maintaining Portfolio.
  • How to identify/Select Stocks/Business/Sectors for Long Term Investing.
  • Read Benefits of Investing Vs Trading. Overview of Indian Financial Markets.



•Who needs a SEBI (NISM) Certified Investments Advisor Services.

•Professional who Don’t have time to look their Investments.

•Who Don’t have their Personal Certified Investments Advisor.

•Who wants to Create Wealth in Stock Markets from Long Term Investing only.

•Who have lost money in Trading & Investing without Knowledge.

•Who wants to Become a Professional In Stock Markets & Mutual Funds Investing.

•Who wants to know Best Financial Investments Options Post Demonetization.

•High Net worth Investors/Portfolio Investments Persons/Company Investments Holdings.

•High Professional/Wealthy Persons/HUF Persons/Business Persons/Investments Trusts.

•New Investors/Equity & Mutual Funds Investors/Startup Entrepreneurs/SME persons.



If you wants to learn The Art & Science of Stock Markets Investing.


If you needs a Certified Investments Advisor for your Investments.


If you wants to learn & Make Stock Markets as your Professional Carrier.


If you wants to learn how to select Stocks/Sectors/ Asset Allocations Skills for Investing.







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