Book Online Tickets for Learn Selenium Automation -Testing tools, Bangalore. Automation is sweeping across the industries. Selenium automation testing jobs are incresing year after year. 
Either you are entering the IT Field or wish to Upgrade from Manual testing to Selenium testing, this is the one course, which you sho

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About The Event

Automation is sweeping across the industries. Selenium automation testing jobs are incresing year after year. 

Either you are entering the IT Field or wish to Upgrade from Manual testing to Selenium testing, this is the one course, which you should be going for and this is the right time to Upskill & Re skill with automation courses

This is a 30 Hours Online training program, which you can learn from where ever you are..

Let's look at some of the top reason's why one should learn Selenium,

Top reasons to learn Selenium are: 

  1. Open source/ Free tool
  2. No OS/ browser demands
  3. Support for multiple programming languages
  4. Availability of Frameworks
  5. Strong presence in the DevOps lifecycle
  6. Easy integration with other tools
  7. Parallel & distributed testing
  8. No dependency on GUI based systems
  9. Flexibility while designing test cases
  10. Demand for Selenium testers

Detailed course content is here below.

Selenium Automation:


Testing Fundamentals

What is Automation testing?

  • Benefits of Automation testing?
  • What type of Test cases can automate?
  • What type of test cases not to automate?
  • Automation life cycle
  • Different types of Automation tools
  • Difference between QTP & Selenium


Introduction to Selenium

  • History of selenium
  • What is selenium?
  • Components of selenium


Locator identification

  • What is element property?
  • Different ways to recognize element properties
  • What is firebug and firepath?
  • How to recognize element in chrome & I.E Browsers?


Webdriver Introduction

  • Why webdriver?
  • Downloading Webdriver Jars and configuration in Eclipse
  • First Program in Webdriver
  • Opening different browsers.


Element Identification methods

  • findElement()
  • findElements()
  • diffrence between findElement() & FindElements()


Handling Links

  • How to recognize link in the webpage?
  • How to perform operation using links
  • retrieve list of the links in the page
  • retrieve specific links in the webpage
  • checking link is displaying or not


Handling checkBoxes/RadioButtons

  • How to check/uncheck checkBoxes/RadioButtons
  • Retrieve number of checkboxes/RadioButtons in the webpage
  • Retrieve specific checkboxes/RadioButtons in the webpage.
  • Verifying checkbox/Radio button is selected or Not?


Handling dropdown list

  • What is dropdown list?
  • types of dropdown list
  • About Select Class.
  • select class Methods
  • different ways to select/unselect a option in the dropdown list
  • selecting a option Randomly in the dropdown list


Handling Alerts

  • What is Alert?
  • about Alert interface
  • different methods in Alerts
  • .alert ()
  • .getText ()
  • .sendKeys ()
  • .accept ()
  • . dismiss()
  • How to handle alerts in real time


Handling Windows (Multiple WebPages)/popups

  • Methods to identify webpages



  • How to navigate from one Page to another Page.
  • How to close multiple windows one after another.
  • Difference between close () & quit ().


Handling Frames

  • what is Frame?
  • How to Identify Frame in the webPage
  • How to check element is Present in the Frame Or not
  • How to move your focus from Page/Frame to Frame
  • How to come back to the main state/page/frame.


Handling WebTables

  • What is webTable?
  • How to Identify Table, rows, columns, cells
  • finding no of rows in the Table
  • Finding no of columns in the Table.
  • retrieving records based on records
  • Retrieving records based on cell by cell.
  • retrieving specific records
  • Retrieving records based on column.



  • what is Action?
  • when to use Action class?
  • Operations performing using Action class



                              c)drag & drop

                              d)Keyboard actions

                               e)move to Element


Wait statements

  • why we need to use Wait statements?
  • different types of Wait statements
  • what is Implicit wait
  • what is Explicit wait statement.
  • difference between Thread.sleep() & waitStatements.


Capturing Screenshot

e.JavaScript Executor.




  • What is Framework?
  • Different types of Frameworks?


C.Modular driven

D.Page Object Model


POM with Pagefacory

  • What is POM?
  • What is Pagefacory?
  • How to implement page using pagectory.
  • Implimenting sample Testcases with POM with Pagefactory.


TestNG Framework

  • what is TestNg
  • Installing TestNg in Eclipse
  • TestNg annotations
  • Understanding usage of annotations
  • Running a Test in TestNg
  • parameterizing Tests - DataProvider
  • TestNg Reports
  • Using TestNg in Selenium
  • Grouping test cases
  • Setting priority of execution for test cases
  • Putting Dataproviders for multiple tests in a single file


  • Introduction to Maven, Maven Usage.
  • Configuring Maven with Eclipse,.
  • Taking automatic updates.
  • running tests in Maven.
  • Creating POM.xml file

Introduction to Sikuli.

Handling Window Alert

  • Handling FileUpload.
  • File Download.
  • AJAX Auto suggestions


Selenium IDE

  • Configuring selenium IDE
  • Record & Play sample testcase
  • Selenium commands
  • Difference between Verification & Assertion.
  • Disadvantages of Selenium IDE


Java Concepts

  • Java Introduction
  • Installing Java
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Features of Java
  • Why Java for Selenium
  • First Eclipse Project
  • First Java program
  • Concept of class file
  • Platform independence
  • Datatypes in Java
  • String class
  • If statements


Loops, Arrays and Functions Conditional and concatenation operators

  • While Loop
  • For Loops
  • Practical Examples with loops
  • Usage of loops in Selenium
  • Single Dimensional Arrays
  • Two Dimensional arrays
  • Practical usage of arrays in Selenium
  • Drawbacks of arrays
  • What are Functions?
  • Function Input Parameters
  • Function Return Types


Object Oriented Programming- 1

  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables
  • Static and Non-Static Variables
  • Static and Non-Static Functions
  • Creating Objects in Java
  • Meaning of static
  • Why is main method static?
  • Constructors
  • Usage of Objects in Selenium


Object Oriented Programming -2

  • Concept of Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Overloadings and Overriding Funtions
  • Example on inheritance
  • Object Class
  • Usage of Inheritance in Selenium
  • Packages,Access Modifiers/ Exception Handling
  • Relevance of Packages
  • Accessing Classes Across Packages
  • Good Features of eclipse
  • Accessing modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected
  • Exception handling with try catch block
  • Importance of exception handling
  • Exception and Error
  • Different Types of Exceptions
  • Need of exception handling in Selenium framework

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