Learn How to Program your mind and body

Learn How to Program your mind and body


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About The Event

Do you ever wonder if there is a connection between your mind and your body?

If yes, you must also be having questions on the working of this connection. 

We do a lot of things in our life, using the combination of mind and body. And sometimes when the proportions are not balanced, we fail to achieve our goals. This leads to de-motivation and dis-empowering thoughts which in turn send messages to our body, giving rise to stress.  

In the first section of our seminar we talk about  

• The importance & effectiveness of mind and body as a tool

• The basic anatomy of the human mind

• The powers, drawbacks & functionalities of the mind

• How to scientifically utilize the powers of your mind

In the second section of our seminar we talk about  

• How & why our body responds in the most appropriate way to any discomfort 

• Why do we start pressing any part of our body that pains

• Answers to the oldest treatment system of the world : Acupressure

When you realise how important it is to program your mind & body, it becomes easy to lead that quality of life, you've always wanted.

The tools are your's. Utilising them the best way is in your hands!




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