Learn how to build a website from scratch (Workshop)

Learn how to build a website from scratch (Workshop)


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About The Event

This is one day workshop open to all (Students, working professionals, startup founders, anyone willing to learn!). 

Skills you will learn: HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap, Responsive designs, etc but most importantly you will learn to build a website from scratch and use all these skills simultaneously to work on a live project. 

*Certificates are provided to all participants upon successfully completing this workshop*


How are we different from many other workshops out there? 
Its a complete hands-on workshop where you will be taught and required to work on practical concepts. At the end of the workshop you will have a website that you have built completely by yourself. We ensure you learn every concept that is required at a beginners level and get you started with web development. Unlike colleges or other courses we DO NOT focus much on the theoretical concepts, instead we teach you more hands-on through which you will anyways learn the theoretical concepts. 
Also, we share some really useful resources, tips and tricks which will help you build websites 10X faster than your peers ;) 

Course Details:
10AM - 10.30AM
  • How websites work?
  • Difference between UI Developer, UX developer, Backend developer and Front end developer
  • How important is UI Developer ? and career in UI development
  • What does HTML,CSS,Java, and Server does, with examples
10.30AM - 12.00PM
  • Understanding the syntax
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Headings, Lists and Paragraphs
  • HTML styling
  • HTML Forms
  • Input types
  • Tables and DIVs
  • Creating a layout using DIVs
  • Page layouts using various HTML elements (Project 1)
  • Meta tags
1PM - 3.30PM
  • Understanding the syntax
  • Inline CSS and external stylesheets
  • CSS Selectors
  • Classes & Ids
  • Text styling and fonts
  • Box Element model
  • Styling various HTML elements
  • Pseudo classes
  • Complex Layout design using HTML & CSS (Project 2)
  • Concepts to create a theme
3.30PM - 4.30PM
  • Introduction to bootstrap
  • Grid layout system
  • Building layouts using grids
  • Using Bootstrap components
  • Customising bootstrap components
  • Using Bootstrap with your HTML,CSS Project (Project 3)
Responsive Design
4.30PM - 5.30PM
  • What is responsive design?
  • Building responsive designs using CSS
  • Building responsive designs using bootstrap grid
  • Challenges when creating responsive design
More details here - http://ambitionbox.com/courses/web-development-workshop

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