LEAP BUSINESS CLUB - Make BUSINESS Contacts and Referrals

LEAP BUSINESS CLUB - Make BUSINESS Contacts and Referrals


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About The Event


LEAP BUSINESS Club is a club to make contacts with Like Minded businessmen and to share referral business with each other by creating a strong business network within the club. Club’s mission is to channelize the immense talent and integrity prevailing in the businessmen into Entrepreneurship. We want to create an effective, vibrant and mutually beneficial network of Businessmen, individuals encompassing all small and large business owners, professionals, Freelancers in various economic fields in India and across the globe. To offer encouragement and support to budding businessmen engaged in various fields of economic activities. The support extended will be of practical nature and effective to groom overall personality of existing and aspiring businessmen to become successful Entrepreneurs. To encourage self-employment and Entrepreneurship among fellow members and their upcoming generations and thus create a Wealthy and Prosperous Community.

Every businessman/woman is certain his or her journey is unique. Each travels down the startup path without a roadmap and believes that no model or template could possibly apply. What makes some startups successful while others sell off the furniture often seems like luck. But it isn’t. The path to startup success is well-traveled and well-understood. There is a true and repeatable path to success. WHICH we would like to uncover, this SECRET, with the help of all the club members.


 "ATTRIBUTES of a successful ENTREPRENEUR". 

  • Hunger for success.
  • A VISION for the future, a plan to get there. 
  • Drive to OVERCOME obstacles; no matter what.
  • Resourcefulness to think OUT OF THE BOX.
  • Ability to be HUMBLE and learn from experiences and SHARE.
  • Ability to FACE DEFEATS but inability to stay down.


Why was the CLUB created?

WE have had a decent run in our BUSINESS off course after loads of hardships .And somewhere back of our MIND we wanted to create some platform to share our failure stories so that others could avoid them and can travel much smoother path then what we did. We have been running a successful business ventures since 2009 awarded with many International Recognized awards. Over a period of time we realized that many times we tried to reinvent the wheel. A pat or an advice or an experience from fellow businessmen would have eased things up. Our purpose here is to collaborate, share and collectively grow as a Successful Entrepreneurs club.


Awards received by our firm:


2010-2011 COT, PARIS

2011-2012 MDRT, THAILAND


2013-2014 MDRT

MDRT-million dollar round table

COT- Centre of the table.

Above mentioned awards are the internationally recognized awards in financial field .



1. One point contact for any business needs of yours.

2. Sales training to increase your current productivity.

3. Learn Globally proven system & make more profits.

4. Business Loan Assistance

5. Online Marketing Assistance.

6. Your company FB page handling, training.

7. You have a chance to meet well established business people, and also the aspiring  business people.

8. Action Plan to build your business

9. Identify Opportunities to collaborate

10. Create a structure for empowered communication 

11. Networking and participating in the Ecosystem to make more profits.


Who should participate?

1. Business Owners

2. Sales Leaders 

3. Small and Medium Enterprises


Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leap-Business-Club/82373554... 

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/387056501488441/ 

Call Riya: 8097386171/9869434062 

WhatsApp: 9869434062

Email us on: info.leaptdc@gmail.com


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