Lean Startup Machine Bootcamp - Mumbai

Lean Startup Machine Bootcamp - Mumbai


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About The Event

The Lean Startup Machine Bootcamp is a 9 hour long workshop where the participants will learn how to apply Lean Startup Methodologies to build products customers will pay for. This is not a Hackathon nor is it a conference. This is an immersive, 9 hour experience at the end of which you will have a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on hand.


Who is this bootcamp for?

People with Ideas: If you are someone who has an idea and you are looking for a viable business model then LSM is for you.

Early Entrepreneurs: Any startup which hasn’t achieved Product/Market Fit will benefit from this bootcamp by learning the Lean Startup Methodologies and thereby testing the hypothesis made with actual customers.

Although it is advisable to have an idea on hand before appearing for the bootcamp, it isn’t mandatory. You will be given the chance to team up with someone else whose idea has been selected.


When is it?

Saturday, Feb 1st: (10:00 am - 07:00 pm)



Speaker & Mentor: Adam Berk, Director of Entrepreneurial Science at LSM, Entrepreneur


Saturday, Feb 1st

Session 1 (10:00 am to 01:00 pm):

  • Introduction to Lean Startup

  • Pitching of Ideas by participants

  • Several pitches will be chosen and teams will be formed

  • A testable hypothesis will be set using the Javelin Board technique

  • Identify the need. Business Modeling

  • Customer Development Technique.

  • Setting up experiments by Avoiding Bias

  • Teams form a testable hypothesis


Session 2 ( 01:30 pm - 03:30 pm)

  • Teams will test the hypothesis by Getting out of the Building (GOOB) and interviewing customers


Session 3 ( 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm)

  • Analyzing the results of customer validation

  • When to and when to not pivot

  • How to set up a solution based, testable hypothesis

  • How to prioritize what to test first

  • Teams build an MVP to test their hypot

  • Other MVP Hacks - like Concierge Method

Register here: http://ecell.in/esummit/leanstartupmachine/




What is Lean Startup?

“Lean Startup” is a term coined by Eric Ries while an Advisor to the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. It’s based on the new management processes he employed while Chief Technology Officer at IMVU, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups.


What is Customer Development?

“Customer Development” is a process pioneered by Steve Blank and written about extensively in Four Steps to the Epiphany. It emphasizes “Getting Out of the Building” for in-person feedback and focusing early product development efforts around early-evangelists. Customer Development is one of the three drivers of the Lean Startup methodology.


Can I participate if I don’t already have a team?

Yes. If you do not have a team we will help you join with other participants and form a new team on the day of the workshop.


What do you do to protect intellectual property (IP)?

Everything that happens at Lean Startup Machine is technically in the public domain. However, it is extremely unlikely that an idea will get stolen, and we are firm believers that ideas aren’t worth anything unless you execute on them. In addition, your idea will probably change dramatically over time. The real value is in your ability to execute properly on the Lean Startup process, which is something very few people currently get right.

For queries, contact,

Sudeep U S

Manager, Events

Ph: +91-9833370942

Email ID: sudeep@ecell.in

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