Lean UX Workshop

Lean UX Workshop


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About The Event

 In Lean development, the goal is to reduce risk and waste. The measure of progress in an agile environment is working software, in a Lean start-up it is validated learning; whereas in Lean UX, progress would be measured by achieving the desired outcomes and impact.

 What is Lean UX? 

• Deliberate strategy vs emergent strategy 
• Culture of Delivery to culture of learning 
• Shared understanding the key to success 
• Lean and the design of business 
• Lean principles, Lean UX methods & Lean UX cycle 
• Outcome focus vs output focus 
• Nail it, then  scale it 

 Why Lean UX? 

• Old assumptions, new reality 
• Software is Continuous 
• Reduce Inventory, Risk, and Waste 

 Lean-UX canvas

Lean-UX canvas helps you arrive at various solutions for the desired business outcome, through step by step process and brainstorm to nail the solution to reduce risk and waste.

 Lean-UX Canvas creation (Group exercises) 

The business problem you are trying to solve 
The business outcome expected through your solution 
Primary user personas and Develop it 
The needs/benefits of the users to use your solution 
Products and features that will help the persona to satisfy their needs 
Develop hypothesis by combining the above steps for each of the features  
The riskiest assumptions that will cause the entire idea to fail if it is wrong 
Brainstorm ways to test the riskiest assumptions to be true or false 

By the end of this workshop, you will learn


What is Lean-UX  


– Lean-UX can help in continuous learning, innovation of the product and service  
– to create great User Experience in a lean environment 
– to combine User Experience and agile effectively 
– to create a Lean-UX canvas 


 Who should attend: 

Entrepreneurs, start-up founders, Product/Project managers, development teams, business teams, Agile practitioners, UX designers and UI designers


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