Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Lead with Emotional Intelligence


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About The Event

What does it take to create breakthrough results with and through people?

What distinguishes effective leaders from ineffective ones?

Almost 90% of the difference is attributed to Emotional Intelligence factors rather than traditional IQ and Technical skills. Research has shown that EI competencies are strong drivers of performance. And the good news is – Emotional Intelligence competencies can be learned, albeit with time and commitment.

Program Objective

In this one-day program, participants will work closely with EI expert faculty to address three vital questions:
  • What is Emotional Intelligence and how can a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence help you and your organization achieve greater results?
  • How can leaders and organizations leverage emotional intelligence to create value?
  • What can you do to optimize your leadership?
The program has been designed to provide for individual and collective opportunities. It reflects on the changing dimensions of behavior and how they apply to our professional and personal lives. The workshop is interactive and inclusive of exercises, stories, videos and discussions. The real learning would come from sharing of experiences and ideas as by challenging some widely held beliefs.

Target Audience: Managers, Sr. Managers, functional heads and leaders
Program Outline

  1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence: What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent? Definitions and examples by world experts on Emotional Intelligence; Understanding the Five Categories of Emotional Intelligence (EI); Views and Importance of EI/ EQ
  2. Emotional Intelligence at Work: How is work life linked to emotional intelligence? Emotional Reactions and the Power of Choice; If we don’t know what we are feeling or why we are feeling it, how can we change it or have control over it? We must first know what “it’ is!
  3. Improving EQ skills – Where to begin and how? Begin with the very first step — raise your immediate level of awareness. Reading emotions; Monitoring your emotions; Handling change, contradictions, ambiguity, stress, errors, etc; Practice gratification delay, attentive listening, social competence;
  4. 9 attitudes of emotionally intelligent leaders and managers; Discussion and sharing of experiences
  5. EQ Self-assessment Exercise and Action Plan

Program Director

Ms. Saloni Kaul, Chief Executive at India Talent Services is the Program Director. 

Saloni carries over twenty-five years of progressive management experience having served in HR leadership roles at Global and large Indian organizations such as EMC Corporation, Tata Consultancy Services, ITpreneurs, Tata Infotech Ltd. Widely traveled, she has worked with people from different cultures and countries as US, UK, Netherlands, France, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and China.

Saloni started India Talent Services in 2012. During the last five years, Saloni has consulted in both business and functional decisions involving and driving change management and efficient management of her client’s human capital, contributing to the strategic direction and formulation of supporting systems and initiatives, conducting executive coaching programs for business heads and entrepreneurs, management and leadership programs, personality and business communications programs, employee engagement and many more.

She was recently honored with the "Best Business Plan Award” at the 10K Goldman Sachs ISB Women Entrepreneurship Program.

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