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About The Event

Law of Attraction Workshop by Golden Inspirations

Golden inspirations has been pioneer to start Law Of Attraction in India 7 years back. Since then it has trained 1000s of people on how to use and implement Law of Attraction in their life.

No matter how big or small thing you want in your life, whether its a Big House, a Loving Relationship, Expensive Car, Lot of Money, Lot of Friends or anything else you can ever dream of, now you can attract it with LAW OF ATTRACTION.

And we will tell you How!

Attend this one day Law of Attraction workshop and see your dreams come true.

 Please Call Now To Register Your Seat: 
 Phone # 09871119075 

or visit our website:

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* Create an attitude of Gratitude

* Success in Any Economy !

* Mental Clearing: reduce fears and worries

* Change the way you think and release old convictions

* Forgiveness

* Emotional guidance system and Intuition

* How to create a positive mind set - Thought & Attitude

* Desires, Passions , Goals and finding your Life purpose

* How to connect with yourself and increase your energy levels

* Chakra Balancing

* Visualization and Creation process

* Removing blockages to be ready to receive

* Demonstration & Manifestation process

* How to move towards your Goals using demonstration

* Manifest your Dreams and goals

* Celebration

 Please Call Now To Register Your Seat:
 Phone # 09871119075  

or visit our website:

( copy & paste the above website link to your browser)

Q. How to Use the Law of Attraction in action?

A. The Law of Attraction attracts to you the things you desire like a magnet according to the thought picturesyou have in your Minds.

So if you have a mental picture of earning more wealth, The Law Of Attraction, which is one of the most powerful laws of the Universe will work with you and make co-incidences in your life for the realization of

your mental picture.

That is why we hold one full day workshop explaining how you can CHOOSE the correct mental pictures and put them into ACTION as soon as you finish the Workshop!

Please contact to book your seat : (0)9871119075

Law of Attraction works on  basic fact that Mind is the Matrix of all matter.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You give your positive thoughts and believe in them.

Universe will manifest these thoughts and give you results in the form of miracles. Let your thoughts act as a catalyst to start a divine reaction which will bring guaranteed results.

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