Law of Attraction (LoA)

Law of Attraction (LoA)


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About The Event

Bless yourself by Embracing this golden opportunity and attend this workshop that unfolds multitude Secrets to realise and live all your DREAMS, that enables you to RECREATE and REDESIGN life, the way you DESIRE  and DESERVE.

In this  workshop you will learn how to -
*Become the ARCHITECT of your destiny.
* Set your GOALS and put them to work.
* Learn about The Law of Attraction (LOA) --
What is LOA
How it works 
Steps to apply LOA effectively
-- Attitude of Gratitude 
-- Forgiveness 
-- Intention
-- Intuition 
-- Action 
-- Manifestation
*Why doesnt LOA work for some people?
*Unleash the power of subconscious mind. 
*Powerful tools and techniques of Manifestations (Learn the correct way of doing Affirmation, Visualization, meditation and vision boards.)

Apply Law of Attraction in all areas of life :
*Job & Career (Dream Job & Business Success Manifestation)
* Money & Finances (Becoming A Money Magnet)
*Relationship (Healing & Manifestation)
*Health & Healing (Healing Methods)
*Studies ( Success and concentration)

Facilitated by Mrs Sangeeta Motupalli,
Visionary Entrepreneur and a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer.

Call @ 9985121471


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