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About The Event

Corporate Education Centers of India (CECI) and Corporate Education Group (, a premier provider of corporate training and consulting services, have partnered to offer Indian professionals new options for developing their Career, and Professional Development skills. Through this strategic alliance, the certificate programs in Management, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Leadership will now be offered.  The CEG workshops and services will be available to individuals and organizations across India.


For the first time in India CECI is now offering public workshop registrations for its programs scheduled for September & Octov=ber 2013. Our training center in Hyderabad will be launched in August the year.


Personality Development


We will help each person identify professional strengths and weaknesses.  We will also show them how to start integrating new strategies towards their development.  Set goals and learn to build better leadership and organizational skills.   

Topics include:

Building Confidence                                       Individual Learning and Development Plan & Self-Assessment

Change management                                    Setting SMART Goals & Personal SWOT Analysis

Use Positive Thinking Methods                                                 


Communication skills


Effective communication is an essential component of success.  During this module you will learn outstanding communications skills, techniques, and establish a vocabulary for making great first impressions.  We will also cover comprehensive levels of listening skills to assure that you provide great service.     

Topics include:

Successfully communicate with professionalism                  Write effective communications

Maintain professional communication skills                        Use Active Listening skills 

Understand different types of Communication                     Make a great first impression


Presentation Skills & Public Speaking


Speaking in public is not for everyone, but at some point you will need to speak before a group, class, or in public…you can prepare and make a fantastic impression before any crowd. 

Topics include:

Designing the message and presentation                             Delivering the message and presentation


Organizational skills


The company or organization will have its own culture and how you adapt to this new environment will decide your level of success at your job.  We help you understand the metrics that the corporate world uses to evaluate each employee and how to develop their skill. 

Topics include:  

                        Workplace Skills                                                                        Corporate Etiquette

                        Establish Rapport and Building Relationships   



Resume Writing


The perfect résumé does exist for you and you will be the only one who can write it.  This is a collection of everything you have accomplished so far so make it right.  We take a fresh new approach to the résumé.  The old style will not work in today’s new technology driven world.  We show you the new requirements for a great résumé.  

Topics include:

Writing a Great résumé                                                    Developing an awesome Career Objective

 Getting hiring managers to view your résumé                   Using Key words, Career Goal’s and more


Job Seeking skills


The new tools you will learn from this module will make the job search much easier.  You will understand how hiring managers and companies look for candidates.  How all of the options work and what types of companies and positions you can filter for your needs.  We will show you how to think more strategically about your options. 


Topics include:

                          How to find a great position                                                Posting the Resume on-line

                          Companies & Recruiters                                                      The Power of Research

                           Job Portals - Using on-line tools effectively                          Dressing for Success

                          Pre-Planning before the Interview





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