Live 2 Lead | Suffer 2 Survive - Choice is all yours...

Live 2 Lead | Suffer 2 Survive - Choice is all yours...


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About The Event

You are Cordially Invited, to this Event called 'Life' ...


In this endless quest to understand what life is all about, we often get caught into our own confusions about what we want and what we don't, so much so that we don't even realize when actually we slipped into 'Survival Mode'. And then, no matter how much we try to 'Survive' 'Happily', we end up 'Suffering', and Suffering to merely 'Survive'... 


There are Priorities on one side, and Passion on the otherThere are Responsibilities, and then there are Ambitions. We desire for Success, but the one that would 'bring' 'Happiness'. We intend to make all things alright, and no matter how much we do, its never all right. We wish to contribute to this world, towards a better change, but then there are people with free will, who don't listen. No matter how much we do, it's never enough. We are never satisfied of being satisfied


So, How to Choose? How to choose what's right for 'me'? And moreover, how to make it happen? 

and Why...? Why all this..??


It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to understand that we, whatever we are, are nothing but the sum total of our Choices that we had/have made so far, knowingly or unknowingly, but it was our choices only.. We do realize, though rarely, the innate power that we all are blessed with - The Power of Choice. Still, often most of us do fall into our own self-created traps of Powerless Choices, usually at the end left with not much, but just regrets and emptiness, leaving us weak and low..


If our life so far has been a product of our choices, then how would your life be if you could take complete charge of your choices? 


Is it really possible?

What if we say "YES!! IT IS.."

Wanna know how?


Come, Join us, to learn, to live... 


Live 2 Lead

A Self-Enablement Workshop, which will get you back in your place of authority and charge of your life. Where Happiness, Love, Success and Growth, will be a matter of Choice for you, and not a matter of chance anymore..

And imagine, if all you need to invest for the same is nothing but your genuine desire to grow, and your time, that's it..!


While you read this, do you know what matters the most?

What would you choose to do NOW..?

Choice is all yours...


Love and Light to you, always... :-)


Please Note: For Entry, Prior Registration is Mandatory

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