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kundalini shaktipat, meditation, dhyan yog shibir


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"Practical jnana (knowledge) is obtained... not by merely reading religious scriptures, not by merely listening to great saints, not by merely logical thinking or not by any system based on beliefs. But ultimate experience of enlightenment is achieved by true understanding, implementation of real concepts in life, and regular scientific yogic sadhana consisting of purifying yogic exercises, and meditation with open mind." If you have questions like ... - Is there any existance of soul - Is there any GOD - Is there consciousness, subconscious mind - Is there any existance of kundalini, nadis, chakras - what is spirituality, what is kundalini - Is healing possible with spirituality - Is it possible to realize God - Is it possible to purify our chakras, subtler bodies - What is common in all religions - Can spirituality become a science then explore our website regularly and welcome to our guruji's course of 15 programmes and shaktipat diksha. Thank You for having patience and reading this. guruji always blesses the sadhakas for all aspects of life like spiritual development, social happiness, financial wealth, happy marriage life etc. He repeatedly tells that during sadhana a sadhaka should also lead a happy life. By using spiritual technologies guruji has devised several miraculous things for benefits of sadhakas. Firstly is scientific mat - asana which is used for seating in meditation. The “ROSE FULL WITH VIBRATIONS” is given by guruji. The rose flower stores bio-energy and is used for several spiritual as well as routine jobs. The golden locket and ring were also developed by guruji for sadhaka’s several purposes. He also taught teachers how to use spiritual power , the bio-energy for healing.

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