Kshtij 2013

Kshtij 2013


About The Event

Kshitij is an academic event hosted every year by the BMS department whereby a theme is identified and based on that speakers are invited to speak on the theme identified.
2009-2010- “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” (An emerging perspective)
2010-2011- “RETAILING”
2011-2012- “FINANCE”
2012-2013- "Managenment Carnival"

Kshtij 2013 Cultural, Management, Sports, Other Events in Mumbai :

Cultural Events:-
Solo Dance
Duet Dance
Group Dance
Fashion Show

Academic Events:-
Case Study
Business Plan
Business quiz
Wndow Display
Open Cricket
French cricket
Tug Of war
Rink Football
Fine arts:-
Nail Paint
T-shirt Painting
Bridal Make-up
Tatoo Making

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