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"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."
That's what Kronos is all about.
Kronos was started in the year 2010 by a group of students who had a vision in their mind and the guts to tread a path little different. In its initial year itself Kronos was a success. Slowly and steadily the fest grew and people loved it. Kronos not only infuses competitive spirit among the participants but also provide an information edge through various lectures and workshops conducted by eminent industry professionals.

Kronos (The annual youth festival of ITM University, gwalior) celebrates a culture. It shows how ITM is not just another private engineering college, but a place which gives freedom to students to live their dreams or rather celebrates them.

Kronos is in its 5th year now. The aura of Kronos continues to disseminate around the globe leaving the best impressions in the minds of those fortunate who have experienced the warmth and power of this mighty endeavor. We agree that it has not all been a sweet experience. But the brighter side to it is to accept the mistakes and to start afresh, to take Kronos to the level it ought to be, to re-build the trust and to bring back the culture that seems to be diminishing, and to make it what it was supposed to be; an idea implemented.


This year your favourite fest is going to be more innovative,more crazy,more creative,more fun and more awesome than ever experienced before.This year Kronos is up with an even wider platform to let students showcase their skills and talents. In Kronos participants will get to experience diversity of events which will bind them to think beyond the academic domain. Each event will challenge their potential and enhance their knowledge. To position Kronos,ITM UNIVERSITY is the most favoured and sought after destination amogst the students & performers alike in order to establish connection of excellence amongst the best in the region and country itself.

If you focus on RESULTS you will never CHANGE. If you focus on CHANGE you will get the RESULTS.

Yes, apart from improving technical skills of students, Kronos is up with something even greater i.e. CHANGE. By taking social initiative we are trying to bring a change in this society.

A cliched line on how it is our duty to give back to the society would havebeen apt for this social initiative section. Some flowery quotes on the importance of social service could have filled more lines. But we don't expect quotes to transform society.We're not here to fill lines. This initiative doesn't want just awareness, it demands a change. It doesn't just need sensitized people, it needs leaders.

So,bring forward the hero and leader inside yourself to help make a change in the society. The idea remains the same..."LEAD THE CHANGE".

KRONOS 14 Technical Events in Gwalior :
Tech Events-
1.Battle of Bots
2.Robo Race
4.Air Boat
5.Bob The Builder
6.Tower Crane
7.Golden Gate
8.Circuit Craft
9.Tracer Robot
10.Dew Drops
13.Error 404
14.Market Shastra
15.Make in Minute
1.Bridge Design
2.Tilt Me
3.Touch 1.0
Fun Events-
1.Paint Ball
2.Mad Bull
& Many more..!!
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