KPA National Level General Knowledge Competition

KPA National Level General Knowledge Competition


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About The Event

 Karnataka Prathibha Academy to enrich the schooling and learning of national Talent hunt and general Knowledge contest. Our objective is to motivate students to strive for In-depth. We aim challenge and encourage the students to realize their true Intellectual potential. KPA has reach of more than thousands of parents, schools professionals including principals and teachers.

In order to achieve success, change yourself with the change of time and ideas. This would broaden your vision, widen your horizon, improve your personality, enrich your mind and ensure success in every twist and turn of life. Old ideas hamper progress, throttle development and create barriers to move further.
Get in step with what is happening around you. Tune yourself to the environment. Remember that you are to live in the present world; you are to live right here and now. Therefore, you must be aware of what is taking place around you and how you should react to those happening. Awareness of yourself and others around you would lead you to your correct decision making.

This is the era of competition everything you wish, is not easily available for that you have to face a tough competition. For getting good job, good institution good education or good career you have to face competitive exam or entrance test. The preparation for such tests is not easy or instance it is not the affair of one day, one week, one month or a year. It requires a lot of preparation, strong base, hard study sufficient practice, time management, and deep study.

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Prathibha Academy, Bangalore
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