Korean Passion Meets India

Korean Passion Meets India


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About The Event

About The Event

‘Korean Passion Meets India’ is an exchange exhibition intended to bring together contemporary artists from Korea and India, facilitating mutual understanding and rapport. It will thereby present the artists of both countries with an opportunity to share ideas, learn from each other, and cultivate artistic camaraderie. The exhibition is organized by Group SEOMI from Korea in collaboration with Korean Cultural Centre, India.


About KCC

The Republic of Korea is a small country on the far eastern edge of Asia. Although it ranks 109th in the world in terms of land area, the country is a center of economic activity, culture, and arts. Korea was colonized by Japan in the early 20th century and later had to endure the Korean War (1950-53), but it has achieved amazing economic growth in a short period, dubbed "the Miracle on the Han River."

Today, Korea is an industrial nation standing tall on the world stage. Its semiconductor, automobile, shipbuilding, steel making, and IT industries are on the leading edge in global markets. It hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan. More recently, Korean dramas, movies, and music are attracting many audiences in Asian countries and beyond, creating what is being called the "Korean Wave." Korea's new standing in the international community was highlighted in 2010 with the nation becoming the first Asian country to chair the G20 and host the G20 Seoul Summit.


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