Kolkata Fashion Fair

Kolkata Fashion Fair


About The Event

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months, says Oscar Wilde. However, the fashion in Kolkata changes itself everyday, in every moment. The "City of Joy" does not wait for those six months. Here, you are welcome to enjoy the latest trends, from every corner. She witnesses numerous events such as trade fairs, industrial fairs, exhibitions and other rural fairs. And, when its about Kolkata Fashion Fair; it essentially do not need any fashion street to mark her cultural.

With the right concept and within the right atmosphere, Kolkata Fashion Fair has recently grown bigger and broader on all counts: visitors, space and collections. The participants from all over India bring up apparel & garments; arts & crafts; electronics & electrical; flowers & gift; gems & jewelry; skin beauty; shoe & leather products; and many more. For the convenience the jewelers install carat weighing-machine and carry designer catalogues for making prompt decision making. The wider selection of jewelry specially, handcrafted for Kolkata Fashion Fair encourages the customers to buy more.

India's second largest city, the gateway to the East, and one of the four largest metros in India, Kolkata has people from across the seven seas traveling round the world to come here for her traditional and cosmopolitan culture; offerings amazing and numerous Fairs and Events. Kolkata Fashion Fair exclusively grows demands of the fashion and entertainment industry - the aspiring models, the fashion photographers, the fashion designers; remarked herself as a fashion portal. They are the frequent visitors who enjoy the visual, buy anything, and of course eat what their heart can’t stop.

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