Book Online Tickets for Kodachadri Trek [14th - 15th December 20, Bengaluru. Located in the scenic western ghats, Kodachadri (1343m) in Shimoga is one of the better known trekking destinations in Karnataka. We start from Bangalore on Friday night and reach Kattinahole, at the base of Kodachadri between 5 and 6 AM on satu

Kodachadri Trek [14th - 15th December 2013]


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About The Event

Located in the scenic western ghats, Kodachadri (1343m) in Shimoga is one of the better known trekking destinations in Karnataka. 

We start from Bangalore on Friday night and reach Kattinahole, at the base of Kodachadri between 5 and 6 AM on saturday morning. At about 8 AM after freshening up, and a quick breakfast at our homestay, we will proceed to the trailhead, a quarter kilometer drive away. A quick introduction and briefing and then we enter the Jeep trail that ferries pilgrims to the temple up on the mountain. About a kilometer and a half later we deviate off the jeep trail and cross a stream to enter into the jungle (Expect leeches in the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons). The trails from here on are not very clear and it is easy to lose our way if we don't remain in one group. This stretch is about 2 kilometers long and passes through thick jungle. The trail eventually opens out to an open field with a couple of huts and agricultural land (the last signs of civilization until we hit the peak). We go past this village dwelling and re-enter the jungle to hear the sounds of the Hidlumane falls. This trail is extremely slippery with sharp rock and winds upwards towards the waterfall. Twenty minutes of scrambling and stumbling up the path and you are at the falls.

After a refreshing dip in the falls, we rejoin the jungle trail to the right. The trail here on is extremely steep (60 degrees at certain points) and passes through thick rainforest. You will be climbing up rocks and branches at certain parts until half an hour later the trail leads out to the hilly grasslands of Kodachadri. Here on, the trail overlooks panoramic views and winds up and over a couple of hills. About 45 minutes later, the trail merges with the jeep trail. We regroup here and proceed to Kodachadri peak which is a 5 minute walk away from there. 

We will rest and have our packed lunch on the peak, after which we start heading back to the base. Being easier on the knees and easy to navigate when we begin losing light in the evening, the Jeep trail is ideal for reaching back to the base. A 3 hour hike along the trail and we are back to the base camp for a well deserved dinner and sleep. 

We freshen-up, have breakfast and leave our base-camp by 8 AM and proceed to the Bidanur fort built by Shivappa Naik 30 kilometers away. The fort belonged to the Keladi dynasty of 17th century and gives a complete view of the landscape in all directions. We will spend an hour here and then proceed towards Bangalore only stopping for lunch (self-sponsored) at Shimoga.

With its beautiful views and evergreen jungle trails, Shimoga makes for a great introductory western-ghat trek.

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Difficulty level  High
Approx Temperature  Max 30 degrees C
Accommodation type
 Depending on the availability: 
a) Tented Accommodation with sleeping bags
b) Dormitories: Ideally big room where people sleep in sleeping bags provided by us. There will be separate rooms for girls and guys.
Washrooms Only toilets, difficult to get shower/hot water etc.
Food Basic Vegetarian food (2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner)
Transport Non A/c. Depending on number of participants it can be Tavera/Qualis, Tempo Traveler, Minibus, Bus, others.
Distance from Bangalore 380 KM (one way)
Total trekking distance 18 KM (approx)
Attraction Idlumane Waterfalls

Tentative Schedule:
Friday:      13th December 2013
09:30PM    Pick-up from BMC, Jeevanbeema Nagar

09:45PM    Pick-up from New Shanthi Sagar Hotel, Domlur
10:00PM    Pick up from Lifestyle, Magrath Road (Near Garuda Mall)

Saturday: 14th December 2013
06:00AM    Reach Campsite - Freshen-up & Breakfast
08:00AM    Proceed to Kumble Village & Start trek to Idlumane Waterfalls
               Reach waterfalls and relax
               Trek to peak - Have packed Lunch on the way up
               Reach Peak and enjoy
               Trek down to Base camp after sunset.

Sunday:    15th December 2013
05:30AM    Wake up - Freshen-up - Breakfast.
09:00AM    Pack your bag & proceed to visit Shivappanaika's Fort at Nagara.
11:00AM    Reach the Fort.
12:00PM    Start back to Bangalore - Have self sponsored lunch on the way.
10:00PM    Reach Bangalore.

Note: Drop points will be the same as pick-up points

Charges: Rs.2750/- per participant.
Above Charges includes: 
Non-A/C transport, Accommodation, Basic Veg. Food, Coordinator/Guide

Above Charges does not includes:  Anything not mentioned above. Payment options:
Click here to see various methods of making payment for BMC event registration Suggested things to carry:
- Personal medication (if any) 

- Strong backpack (Preferably water proof)
- Fresh pair of clothes for two days.
- Toiletries.
- Water bottles (at least 2 liters of water)
- A torch with new batteries (must in case of emergency)
- You can carry Energy Food (Chocolate bars, flavored milk, Electrolyte drinks - Glucose etc.)
- Sunglasses, Sunscreen.
- Rain coat (Highly suggested)
- Camera (Optional) Read our Cancellation Policy, just in case you have to cancel participation

Read our Refund Policy, in case we are forced to cancel this event.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on BMC events (Except when that event is party :).

  2. Trekking is an activity where there are more than 50% chances of facing uncertainty, as you see we always write "Tentative Schedule", on treks its very difficult to make people walk with the speed we want. Also because the vehicles we hire are not regular on route vehicles like KSTDC which can guaranty us the time it take to reach.

  3. Weather conditions, Wildlife movements, permission changes are not in our hand, many times we are forced to change the itinerary, distance or place. But if for some reason we cancel the event we offer 100% refund to all the participants.

  4. All participants registering for the trek should be trekkers! We have experienced few picnic crowd registering for Treks by mistake (Crowd which demands for Changing room, rest room, bedroom, shower, porters etc.) We request not to register if you are not Ok to carry your own required items, which includes: Your personal backpack, sleeping bags and common items like food, tents etc distributed equal among the group.

  5. We are dependant on 3rd party transport agency, we don't have direct control over vehicle, vehicle drivers. Rarely we face small issues with pickup and drop times or quality of bus. If you are too specific please check back before registring.

  6. We can not guaranty availability of rest rooms where we do night camping. But for everybody's convenience we try our best to reach place where people can freshen up.

  7. While utilizing campsite all trekkers has to be responsible of cleaning the place (after and before using).

  8. We expect every trekker to be humble towards Nature, localities and tribals.

  9. We have designated pick up and drop points, make your own arrangements of transports accordingly. It took more than 4 years for us to make our departure on time, that was since we started leaving all late comers behind in Bangalore.

  10. For cancellation of participation, we will pay your refund as per our cancellation policy.

  11. In case of damage or lose of any of the BMC equipment or property, responsible member has to bear the cost.

  12. There is no consideration, priorities, discounts to even our close friends, but on times we reward participants with free or discounted treks for their outstanding leadership/volunteership during treks.

  13. All our events are built on Teamwork methodology. Our coordinators' presence in the event is to lead the event, make sure that things are going as per plan, schedule, safety. Also its fun to pitch tents, collect firewood from forest, cook food etc.

  14. Trekking is a life skill of exploring the nature in natural way which gives you experience of surviving in nowhere and with nothing. Try to gain maximum of that experience, test the limits of your physic and mind.

  15. All our arrangements are very basic, we do not/can not provide luxury on such events. Our accommodations are many times: Sleeping bags and Tents, Dormitories, room with no beds and some times just sleeping bags under the glittering sky.

  16. To keep proper track of participants and keep them updated time to time, we require each and every participant to read thru these points and then register.

  17. We do not have control over online registration head count, on times we get many registrations than max head count, in that case we have to request last overbooked members to accept refunds or switch to another trek.


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