Book Online Tickets for Khagol Mandal  Messier Special Overnight, Malegaon. Khagol Mandal is glad to announce 6th Sky Show post Monsoon at Neral on 6th April 2019.  This night we will be able to see Mars in the evening sky, Huge Jupiter, Ring Lord Saturn and bright Venus in morning sky.  Th

Khagol Mandal Messier Special Overnight Sky Show 6 April 2019


  • Regular

    Regular Ticket for Khagol Mandal Sky Show

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 450
  • Student

    Student Ticket for Students from 8 yrs to 16 yrs

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 400
  • Senior Citizen

    For Senior Citizens above 60 yrs

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 400
  • Member

    For Khagol Mandal Members

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 400
  • Dinner

    Valid with Program Ticket only

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 225
  • Tarangan Book

    Tarangan: Complete Guide to Night Sky Book

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 550
  • Sky Map

    A3 Size Color Sky Maps

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

    INR 150
  • Child

    For kids up to 8 yrs age

    Last Date: 05-04-2019

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About The Event

Khagol Mandal is glad to announce 6th Sky Show post Monsoon at Neral on 6th April 2019.  This night we will be able to see Mars in the evening sky, Huge Jupiter, Ring Lord Saturn and bright Venus in morning sky.  This is special period as most of the Messier Objects can be seen in these nights.

The program starts at 7.00 pm (IST) in the evening and runs up to 4.30 am (IST) next morning. The general outline of the program is as follows:

Date: Saturday 6th April 2019

Time: 1900 hrs on Saturday to 0430 on Sunday. 

Language of Instructions: English

VENUE: Saguna Baag Farm House, Neral


ENTRY by Pre-Booking ONLY. No SPOT ENTRY !


Tentative Schedule:

1830 to 1900 hours: Registration for the program

1900 to 1930 hours: Introduction of Telescopes

1930 to 2200 hours: First Sky Session & Observations through Telescope

2200 to 2300 hours: Dinner Break

2300 to 0100 hours:Audio-Visual Session, Special Talk

0100 to 0130 hours: Tea Break

0130 to 0430 hours: Second Sky Session & Observations through Telescope


These timings are tentative and may vary slightly depending on seasons and sky condition.



Rs. 450 /- per person for all participants.

Rs. 400 /- per student for all students from 8 ys to 16 yrs

Rs. 400/- for Senior Citizens as well as Khagol Mandal members

Entry Free for all kids up to age 8 yrs.

Optional Dinner Charges: Rs. 225/- per person

Bus services and Tea given during the programme is complimentary.

The charges are non-refundable, even if the programme does not take place, because of incidental heavy rains or for any other reason beyond our control.

The entry to the program is STRICTLY by PRE-BOOKING.


Paraphernalia Required:

You should carry your dinner tiffin (if you have not booked dinner), mattress / chatai for seating on open ground, sweaters, hand gloves, head scarf / muffler, water bottle and your personal Medicine. Carrying mosquito repellant like Odomas is recommended.

It will be reasonably cold…so do not forget to get sufficient warm clothings.

Also, it is recommended to carry light snacks for early morning when we get tea.

Please note that we are not able to provide any of the above things at the site.

Where to meet ?

Meeting point is Nirman Park Society Gate on platform no. 1 at Neral station. Pick up from Neral station is arranged for the train timing mentioned and is free of cost. All those who join late or wish to live early will have to arrange travel from Neral to site on their own.

Mini Buses from Saguna Baug will pick up participants reaching by 1804 and 1858 train. Drop back will be after the program ends in the morning.

Location and How to reach:

Saguna Baag Farm House, Neral (W)

The 4.30 pm train on Karjat route from Mumbai Chhatrapati Maharaj Shivaji Terminus (CSMT) will take you to Neral at about 6.04 pm. This is a station next to Selu Station. Towards Platform 2 side is Matheran mountain range while on Platform 1 side is the farm house direction.


Train Timings:

CSMT- Karjat: 1630 (Dep) : 1804 (Arr)

Thane-Karjat: 1750 (Dep) : 1858 (Arr)

All trains going to Karjat and Khopoli stop at Neral.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Smoking or drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any defaulter will be escorted out of the field and will be prohibited from joining the program. No refunds in case you are prohibited from the program.
  2. This is an educational initiative and not a luxury trip. All are requested to maintain the spirit of the program and co-operate. No unruly behavior towards fellow participants will be tolerated.
  3. Program coupons can be cancelled online. For cancellations, please send email to with a copy to
  4. Rs. 50/- per person cancellation charges will be deducted if the program coupons are cancelled till 1700 hrs on 3rd April 2019 (Wednesday).
  5. 50% charges per person cancellation charges will be deducted if booking is cancelled till 1700 hrs on 5th April 2019 (Friday)
  6. Rs. 50/- per person cancellation charge will be deducted for Dinner Coupons if cancellation is done till 1700 hrs on 5th April  2019 (Friday)
  7. No refunds for program or dinner coupons after the 1700 hrs on 5th April  2019 (Friday)
  8. Final decision of cancellation charges will rest with the organizer.
  9. If due to any unforeseen circumstances like train strike, rain, clouds etc., any other natural disaster, political situation, strike or any such other case the program can be curtailed or cancelled. In such event no refunds will be provided.
  10. Rain, cloud cover is beyond control of organizer and in such cases one has to wait till the clouds clear.
  11. Organizers are not responsible for medical issues arising to individuals on the field. The field is an open field and we take care to provide comfortable atmosphere. All are requested to carry personal medicines and follow instructions related to cold and dewing on the site.
  12. Khagol Mandal is a voluntary organization working for past 33 yrs. The aim of this group is to create awareness amongst our society members. All organizers, speakers, telescope volunteers are amateur astronomers sparing their time voluntary for the social cause. All participants are requested to take the efforts in proper spirit and co-operate. We cannot run a smooth show unless every participant supports us.

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