Kite Fest 2012

Kite Fest 2012


About The Event

From 10 a.m onwards to 4 p.m, people of all ages can fly kites rejoicing in the spirit of the day. The blue January sky on 26th January will be enlivened by kites of different colours and hues. Kites soar in the sky, their lines moving as if alive. Crowded skies, fun-loving rivalry to outdo each other, and a grand Kite show by the experts will be the hall-marks of the day.


A tremendous variety of kites can be seen with friends, neighbours and total strangers indulging in kite fights.


We have invited people from all walks of life and are expecting a crowd of  about 500 people to watch the event, with about 150 people expected to participate in the Kite Competition.

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