Kill the HIDDEN MONSTER inside the subconscious A rein-free life in 10 minutes

Kill the HIDDEN MONSTER inside the subconscious A rein-free life in 10 minutes


About The Event

And suddenly, everything was in tears!

As a therapist and a healer, I handle cases where the problem or the disease is identified and cured. But today, I was standing in front of a deadly monster! Which has got no form or shape or any symptom. And we keep carrying that monster deep inside us, in our hearts.

The monster, has a tremendous capacity to influence us subconsciously and often the outcome is in the form of an incurable disease or nightmares, traumas which keeps knocking our life again and again.

Often our behavior, perception, health and our outlook towards life, society and people is again shaped by that monster, which remain hidden in all of us in some or the other form.

Little do we know that, the monster can be killed. Life has the power to reverse – time, age, memories.. and everything.

Let us erase all our dark memories from our life. Let us take our life out of traumas and haunted memories. And the best part is that – Its quite easy.

Outcome of the workshop:

1. Erase your deepest fears in life, with in 5 minutes

2. Come out of emotional traumas

3. Remove emotional blockages

4. Replace the negative feeling with the positive one

*Fee per participant will be Rs.500

Let us access the ancient and modern techniques to kill the monster called – Emotional blockages, Traumas, Haunted memories and sad moments from life, now and forever!

Life is beautiful!

**For ticket details, sms @ 9030006060. 

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